June 18, 2024


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Hour Record – England’s Daniel Begum will try

The last sixteenth World Championship Time rehearsal, Daniel Begum Trying to break the record for the hour, reveals Cycling weekly. For the moment of holding Victor Campenerts (Quebec Next Hash), Britain wants to get closer to the 55,089 kilometers created by Belgium. For this, the training runner Ripple Weldite Pro cycling The Grange’s Velodrome in Switzerland was chosen. The owner of Newcastle, an expert in aerodynamics, will make his attempt on October 1 at 4 p.m.

Video – Becoming the Beacon Campanertz hourly record

“Find out where my limits are”

“Hour has always been an event that has fascinated me. From my first #RaptorHour at Palmer Park in 2014, to the historic Wiggins Ride in 2015 and the many training races I’ve received since then, L’Hure has yet to discover where my limits lie.”, 29-year-old promises to Britain.

“I bet I can do it”

Who knows the achievement achieved Victor Campenerts, Daniel Begum Measured: “This ongoing project has received great support from many people and organizations, and I am forever grateful for all the time and effort they have put into helping me and my ambitions. It has allowed me to discover many new avenues for inquiry and optimization. I bet I know I can do it on Friday. I hope so. “, he said.