February 24, 2024


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Kurt Zuma attacked his cat, and the English judiciary sentenced him to 180 hours in TIG

Kurt Zuma attacked his cat, and the English judiciary sentenced him to 180 hours in TIG

Matthew Childs via Reuters

Kurt Zuma of West Ham United left Thames Magistrates’ Court in London, UK on May 24, 2022. REUTERS / Matthew Childs

UK – French international defender Kurt Zuma The sentence was handed down on Wednesday, June 1st British Justice 180 hours of community service He mistreated his catThen A video broadcast that went viral This provoked angry reactions.

The 27-year-old West Ham player, who pleaded guilty, was banned from keeping the cat for five years by Thames Magistrates’ Court in east London. Judge Susan Hold’em described her actions as “shameful and reprehensible.”

Both cats were handed over to the Animal Welfare Association

The video of him kicking and slapping his animal was filmed on February 6 and was shared on Snapshot by his little brother Jon, 24, a footballer. When Kurt Zuma appeared in court on May 24, attorney Hazel Stevens said he was shot because the chair damaged the cat.

“The uprising of people attacking cats and posting pictures on various social networks” has been going on since they were published, he said.

Both of the player’s cats were handed over to the animal welfare association RSPCA, which began proceedings to prosecute Kurt and Yon Zuma under the Animal Welfare Act.

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The London club did not suspend their player, and the affair caused him to play in a match the evening of the release, which provoked a major wave of opposition.

The player was eventually fined nearly 300,000 euros, the maximum fine imposed by his club and the termination of his sponsorship deal with sports equipment manufacturer Adidas. According to information available to the West Ham club, the cats were “guaranteed no serious injuries”.

The club later promised that the financial fine imposed on the player would be donated to animal protection associations.

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