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How much do teachers earn?  An English teacher and CPE, the couple reveals their income

How much do teachers earn? An English teacher and CPE, the couple reveals their income

“I’m surprised because I’ve never been paid that much, but on a day-to-day basis, it’s become more complicated.” Paul**, 43 years old and Principal Education Counselor (CPE) a School town – a private institution that goes from kindergarten to high school – is in a relationship with Alexandra **, 28, since September 2022 English teacher A General College. The two live in a house in the town of Montbon-Menesterol in the Dordogne that Paul originally owned – he has always lived in the sector – and Alexandra bought a share after leaving the Paris area.

Together they succeed Just 4,000 euros net Currently per month, after tax: 2,003 euros for Alexandra, 18 hours of weekly activity in class – which includes homework – and 1,998 euros for Paul, who works 42 to 45 hours per week. According to calculations Inequality ObservatoryThis couple is one “middle class”. But ending the month green is a real hurdle for our two witnesses. And with the recent price hike.

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A school teacher would be one of those excluded from the revaluation of the teachers’ “contract”.

About 400 euros left at the end of the month

“With inflammation, which is clearly more complex. I have been using it for months Envelope method”, testifies Alexandra. To set the amount she can allocate to each item of spending (shopping, leisure, etc.), she takes money at the beginning of the month and then puts it into envelopes depending on the type of activity. And the total amount of “controlled” costs climbs rapidly. Alexandra pays 443 euros in monthly installments for her mortgage, to which is added 300 euros per month for refueling her car. Paul, who owns his own vehicle, is “slightly short” on each of these two cost items. Then you have to count 100 to 150 euros per week for shopping, or about 400 to 600 euros per month. Internet and mobile subscriptions, energy bills, home renovation work… Taking into account all their restrictive expenses, at the end of each month, each member of the couple will have only about 200 euros to “enjoy”, ie. Around 400 euros In total.

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Teachers Salary: You will earn through upgrades depending on your profile

The couple does not have a joint bank account, but “We separate All expenses in two As much as possible: shopping, but also sports activities or restaurants, for example. It is less violent”, mentions the college teacher. A lot of the “little pleasures” they allow each other revolve around Paul’s children, ages 8 and 14, from their first union. “We have them every week. We often take them to the park next door where there are activities like bowling and laser tag. We also eat at a fast food restaurant with them at least twice a month. And we agree. Two ‘restaurants’ every month, but they are often fast food as well. “It’s been years since we’ve been to a real restaurant,” the couple recounts.

Same for holiday : Their last “big” trip abroad starts in 2021, the year they spend 15 days in Croatia thanks to years of earmarked money. Then last February they stayed in London for a few days. But these mountain fans are mainly limited Stays in France, and especially a few hours by car from their home in the Pyrenees, which they try to visit twice a year. “Recently there has been a real change in my salary and I feel a little ashamed of it. After all, I know there are people worse off than us. But our situation remains complicated in terms of purchasing power. Of course, what we admit as activities may already look good to some, but in reality, our lives do not seem so comfortable to us, in the end”, considers Paul.

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Teachers, they are… butchers

After leaving the Paris area… loss of purchasing power

After failing the CPE competition for the first time, Paul has, in fact, chained several “odd jobs”, including as a consultant as an employee, earning him a net salary of €1,200 per month. Thanks to his first year of training as a principal educational consultant, he could see His salary increased by almost 800 euros per month. On the other hand, on the side of Alexandra, who has been a teacher for almost six years now – since September 2017 to be more precise – it is quite the opposite. Three years ago, he trained Paris region. If life was generally more expensive there than in Tardogne, it was not succeeded by his action. “When I lived near Paris I worked at the representative (priority education network, teacher’s note) so I received more bonuses than I currently have (teachers in institutions facing social difficulties benefit from increased wages through payments, teacher’s note). If I had stayed there, my salary today would be 2,500 euros net per month.”, Advance Alexandra.

Not the revaluations announced by Emmanuel Macron for teaching staff on April 20, which should greatly improve their situation. An additional one Unconditional increaseOffered from and up to next September 2.7% to 11% Depending on the profile of teachers, they can benefit Other upgrade… on condition of agreeing to undertake additional work. At stake: Up to a total of 3,750 euros Additional pay per annum.

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Teachers Salary Hike: September 1st you will get profit

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On the part of our witnesses, if Paul is still not interested in this question, Alexandra, apparently well-versed in the matter, should not accept this. “Agreement” Proposed by management. “It will create Competition Between authors who agree to sign the agreement and those who refuse. In some institutions, if all the teachers sign up, the institution leaders have to choose the teachers who should be given additional assignments. Prejudice. Agreement may also be formed SlipsA colleague who has signed it is asking for the same arrangement, with a principal who can say that accepting the arrangement would be problematic in the timetable of a teacher who does not accept the agreement”, sums up the English teacher.

* We are republishing this testimony originally published on May 25, 2023 for our summer series, “They Open Their Account With Us.”

**Names have been changed.

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