June 19, 2024


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ID card in English, “Gesture of Linguistic Submission”

CHRONICLE – France, by abandoning the arrogance of its language in the ubiquitous face of the English language, forgets that it submits to our time a pole for resisting what was once called American imperialism.

On March 16, French authorities issued a new edition of the National Identity Card, which will be tested at OIC. It is written in French… and, for the first time in English. This provoked a fight beyond the usual controversies of social networks. This government is presented as a simple practical adaptation to the bilingual globalized movements and EU rules. In our time English should be allowed to communicate with the people, and every country should be called to change it at least to some extent.

However, we will not underestimate the purpose of this action: it is not only in his language that the French will now present themselves to the world. Although the United Kingdom has left the EU, he acknowledges the privilege of the European universe to the English.

We do not see administrative details. The language of the state is never trivial. This is what the French government, today, standardizes

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