June 19, 2024


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Creating an International English section in Colomiers

From the following school year, Simone-Weil Elementary School in Colomiers runs a British International Division. First at Toulouse Academy. “The opening of an international first-degree unit will provide a clean and specific identity to the new Simone-Weil Elementary School,” notes Philip Testable, deputy director of sectoral services at National Education. This is an opportunity to strengthen the charm of the city’s learning area. “

Unique in the academy

The device is the result of a tripartite federation of nearly 40 years between National Education, the City of Columbia and the Association English 31. The forerunner of the Toulouse Academy, this section integrates British linguistics and offers a curriculum. Until the first final year, which is open to new students, they may enroll in the sixth or second college and the International High School Victor-Hugo de Colomiers.

“The city is very proud to have created an international division,” said Catherine Closcard-Martinado, deputy mayor of education, adding that parenting and academic retirement activities are welcome. “This is the pinnacle of long-term work, the strong involvement of the city’s past elected representatives. The English 31 Association has nearly 40 years of experience in teaching English at the mother tongue level in Toulouse, especially thanks to the support of industry supporter Airbus.

“The investment of Xavier Willer, the outgoing leader of English 31 and the director of the organization, who put forward this nomination, was able to do all this,” underscores Benny Dickinson, the new president of English 31. “All of our teachers are certified and graduated by relevant UK authorities, many of whom specialize in language and literature and history and geography.”

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Students will be welcomed at the future Simone-Weil Elementary School, which is scheduled to open on November 8th.

60 children were involved from the beginning of the next school year

60 children from CB to CM2 will be included in the international category from September 2021. Thirty-six of them will come from the current English learning system currently established at the Lucy-Afrak School. Each week four hours of lessons will be offered in English, i.e. three hours in linguistics and one hour in English in another subject. It is a team that combines National Education, English 31 and the City of Columbia, which examines candidates’ files. Academic results obtained within the framework of these courses will be integrated into the academic record. English teachers, members of the English 31 Association and those certified by the National Institute of Education will be integrated into the school’s teaching committee.

“The new campus at Simone-Weil School will have seats dedicated to students and teachers in the British section, and all schools will have the same digital equipment,” explains Catherine Closcard-Martinado.