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How to improve English in the workplace?

April 27, 2021, Partner

English is the most widely spoken language in the professional world today. It places itself more and more in all fields and any organization concerned with its development must continue to help improve the capabilities of its staff. Whether it’s exploiting more opportunities in your market, expanding your business internationally or undertaking business trips your employees need a good level of English. So being fluent in English in the workplace is not just an asset, but an absolute necessity. How to improve English in the workplace? We invite you to find the answer in this article, which brings practical tips, tested and approved by experts in language learning in the workplace.

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Providing business English courses

The best way to improve the skills of your employees in English is to train them. In fact, English spoken in the workplace is different from being used on the street. It usually involves mastering specific expressions and words for the work world and especially for its field of operation. Whether it is written or spoken, the language record of working in your organization should be rich and supportive. This makes it difficult to learn professional English because it requires time, rigor, method and regular training even daily to improve oneself. It is even more complicated and confusing if every employee has to improve their own, native English while fulfilling their professional responsibilities. This is why the best way to improve English in the workplace is to use a training system that provides English courses for companies.

With this method, lessons will be held on your campus according to your availability. Your staff will benefit from customized training classes that take into account the status and your needs, desires and goals. It can be your employees, a team or a few members of your company, they need to raise their English level for a particular task. This method makes it possible to improve English efficiently and quickly in the workplace. This is because the courses are designed around interactive acting characters and scenes to allow each participant to immediately improve their writing and oral skills. When they participate, your staff can improve their fluency and fluency in all aspects of the English language.

Providing English courses in e-learning

English courses on e-learning or distance education are also a great way to improve English in the workplace. Unlike corporate English training, courses are pre-registered by language level and take place remotely via a dedicated site. Every employee can follow their courses at any time on any computer, tablet, phone or any other medium connected to the internet. Before starting the training, the learner undergoes a level test and then benefits from a personalized training class according to the objectives of the organization.

At the end of each volume, he performs a new test before moving on to the next language level. This method offers excellent flexibility, but there are some limitations you need to be aware of before choosing it. Classes do not always take place with a responsible teacher guiding learners. Therefore each employee must organize themselves to progress independently in their learning. The courses are not as interactive as those conducted in corporate offices, which limits the oral skills of the participants. It can also cause inequality in the level of progress of employees because some will progress faster than others. However, taking e-learning courses can improve English in the workplace.

Offer English lessons by phone

This includes hiring one or more teachers who will teach English lessons over the phone to their employees or co-workers. These courses are either by phone call or by modern video calling applications such as Skype and Zoom. English telephone training courses are personalized and based on effective academic monitoring. They can be followed by all employees of an employee, team or company. They are very interactive and allow participants to improve their English skills together. However, there are limitations to this method. As the courses are conducted over the phone, it enhances the oral expression and understanding of the participants. So if you want to enhance the written skills of your employees it is not very suitable for you.

Introduce English practice in the office

Giving your staff face-to-face or distance learning English is a good thing, but not enough. In fact, these training classes take place according to a schedule designed for a specific period of time. They are effective and provide satisfactory results. However, if you do not always establish English practice, your business will not be able to reap the benefits in the long run. To improve, your staff should follow the regular, almost daily practice of the English language. It is up to you to put in place methods that will allow each of them to practice everything they have learned during training so that they can progress effectively. Here are the rules to follow to establish English practice in the workplace:

  • Require communication in English between employees;
  • Organize your business meetings in English;
  • Write your work documents in English;
  • Configure your computers and all your working software in English;
  • Recommend testing and fitness sites, vocabulary lists, and any other useful resources to your employees;
  • Encourage staff to improve wonderfully in English.

It is important to remember that training is the only way to really improve English in the workplace. The more you empower your employees to train in English, the more they can improve their skills and bring their best to the success of your business.

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