December 11, 2023


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Free English lessons to support students

Journal of the Center, Like many other topics in the Center France group, is confirmed by the initiative of #aidonsnosétudiants. Objective: To focus on the various initiatives and structures that will help students in this difficult period. Here is one of them:

Alexandre Kummerling offers free lessons to progress in English. He has been teaching French in the Netherlands for 50 years, explaining that a country “has English as their second language”. In 2010, he went to Nivre and taught lessons to children at Satilone-en-Pasois.

Today, he wants to help students who want to develop Shakespeare’s language proficiency. “A lot of students don’t speak English. For example they know the basics that can present themselves. Today, I want to help them speak and practice English, ”explains the former French author in a foreign language. “I’m used to give lessons, I have my methods to learn. I did not come here to do theory. For decades, he had the opportunity to teach even professionals, diplomats and even military representatives who wanted to learn French.

Courses at the request of the student

“It’s necessary, I do this to help,” declares Alexandre Kemerling. There is no obligation on either side. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. “We are discussing a small upstream so that I can adapt to that person’s situation. If everything goes well, we will arrange a meeting for the first hour before the start if the student wishes. I know, the goal is to get back on track. “

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Ryan has already had the opportunity to test courses with retirees who clearly demonstrate their desire to help students in preparation for a specific health access path (PASS) competition. “I don’t practice English often in normal times. Talking to him is a reminder, we review a lot of things, ”says the student.

Contact us. Are you a student, do you want to testify or warn us about a matter? Are you a businessman, business manager, a member of an association, a community or a citizen who wants to help students? Contact us at [email protected] with the subject line: #AIDONSNOSETUDIANTS or via Our Facebook page.

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