June 19, 2024


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Teleline introduces Castine, a video learning site for learning English

Based on an AI feed of over 600 million words, the platform has a list of over 15,000 themed videos, including all levels of English, and a dictionary of over 200,000 words.

Customized learning tool with innovative program of recommendations Videos, From Classes And d ‘Exercises, CASTEEN closely supports the advancement of learners’ knowledge. Complete and interactive, the platform supports the new generation Chatbot Mimism that answers all the questions users ask.

Video education support with diverse and engaging cultural content

Like a Video streaming site like Netflix, The CASTEEN table is enriched daily with new trend videos and topical lessons, accessed by a themed search engine. While watching the video, CASTEEN creates one Real-time assessment of oral and written expression skills Includes user, all phones, and fluency of speech.

Set learning telecommunication IncludeCustomized coach support Confirms the learner’s motivation without fail. Each course is stopped by daily and weekly progress reports, and proposals for specific sequences and courses encourage the learner to read each day to enrich his vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

There are 2 courses per level: EntertainmentDaily English Or for businessProfessional English), Videos are classified by status: Start A1 to Bilingual C2.

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