June 18, 2024


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The behavior of Englishman Zhengai against Sexton is controversial

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Jonathan Sexton would have performed better without this priority treatment. As we play in the 77th minute of the match between Ireland and England, the players of the XV de la Rose besiege the opposing fort and try to close the gap. At the bend of an ensemble, the pillar that transforms Ellis Gen then hits several idiots on the ground in Sexton. Despite the Irish captain’s request, the meeting was not seen by the French referee, Matthew Reynolds.

If Ellis Zenge is not fined for not seeing the referee and not mentioning it in the match report, the controversy revolves around the English pillar. A video of the footage he took in Sexton went around the web, with South African world champion Mainstay Tendai Mdavira expressing his anger: “This guy named Ellis Zhenge deserves a shock treatment.” Elegant Joe Marler asked him for a boxing match between the two: “Please, someone arrange a fight between the two as soon as possible”.


The culprit who made the bad gesture on Irish captain Sexton is the Englishman Ellis Zhenge who is at the center of the controversy.

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