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How to say the days of the week in English?

How to say the days of the week in English?



Universal-choice, with studentsPublished on October 27, 2023

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Learning a new language can be exciting and challenging. Among the essential foundations of English, the days of the week occupy an important place. In this academic article, we will explore the days of the week in English and the usage rules associated with them. So, get ready to enrich your vocabulary and master the days of the week!

What are the different days of the week in English?

In English, the days of the week It is relatively easy to remember as it shares a common origin with many European languages. each one One day a week Associated with a deity or celestial body, giving them individuality and historical significance.

Here are the days of the week in English, with their French translation:

















Historical Origins of Days of the Week in English

The Names of the days of the week They have their roots in ancient Germanic and Nordic languages. They were dedicated to the gods and planets worshiped by the people of that time.

  • Monday It derives its name from the “day of the moon”, a lunar day.

  • tuesday In Germanic mythology it is connected with “Tiw’s day”, the day of Tiw, the god of war.

  • Wednesday This is a reference to “Woden’s day”: the day of Woden or Odin, a major god in Norse mythology.

  • Thursday It is associated with “Thor’s Day”: the day of Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology.

  • Friday Derives from “Fric’s Day”, the day of Fric, the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology.

  • Saturday “Day of Saturn” refers to: the day of Saturn, a planet associated with the Roman god of the same name.

  • Sunday “day of the sun” comes from: day of the sun.

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How to use the days of the week in English?

Now we know days of the weekLet’s take a look at some important usage rules.

Uppercase or lowercase?

In English, on weekdays Always written with an initial capital letter, even if not at the beginning of a sentence.


Select the correct proposition

To indicate activities or events taking place on that day One day a weekUse the preposition “on”.

For example: I have a meeting on Thursday. (I have a meeting on Thursday.)

No determinant

Generally, the days of the week It does not need to be accompanied by a determiner (like “le” in French) unless there is additional specification.

For example: I have an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday morning. (I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning.)

Express recurrence

to express Events that repeat every weekUse them Adverbs of time Like adding an “s” at the end of “every” or week.


Conventional expressions

The days of the week Often used in linguistic expressions In English.


  • Thank you Lord! Today is Friday! (TGIF): Thank God It’s Friday! A common expression to express relief is the weekend

  • Saturday Night Fever: Saturday Night Fever

  • Blue Monday: Literally “blue Monday” or “depressing Monday”, the nickname given to the most depressing day of the year.

Practical exercises

Complete the following sentences using the correct day of the week:

has I always ____________ to the gym. (Saturday)

B. He has an important presentation at ____________. (Tuesday)

vs. They usually go shopping at ____________. (Silver)

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E. I have an appointment with Mark on ____________. (Monday)

e. What are your plans for ____________? (Sunday)

f. He has a dental appointment at ____________. (Thursday)

g. We will go to ____________. (Wednesday)

mastery of days of the week Essential Communicating effectively in English. By understanding their historical origins and the associated rules of usage, you will be better equipped to navigate the English language on a daily basis. With regular practice, you will be able to easily perform activities and discussions Nomination in English !

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Exercise corrections

has Saturday

B. tuesday

vs. silver

E. Monday

e. Sunday

f. Thursday

g. Wednesday