June 18, 2024


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Identity card: Academy franchise says no mention in English

LThe French Academy is ready to go to administrative justice to remove the notes in English on the future model of the identity card. “For a long time, the academy listened to reports and press releases. Today all words are equal. Another form of intervention is needed,” said Helen Carer de Encos, its permanent secretary. Figaro, Wednesday, January 5.

As a language guaranteeing institution in France, the academy considers, for example, that the model devised by the government is unconstitutional by adding “family names” next to “we” or “given names” after “pronouns”. Provides that “the language of the Republic is French.” “We underestimate an essential principle,” he asked himself, “who decided to equate French and English in this document?”.

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Contacted by the academy, Costex did not respond

In addition, if a European regulation forces the “identity card” to be translated into at least some other official language of the EU, this text will not provide other imposed translations. According to Le Figaro, The academy appointed a law firm, which wrote a letter to Prime Minister Jean Costex. Purpose: To ask him to repeal the rule of creating a new national identity card, without receiving a reply until then. These lawyers are preparing to seize statewide. A spokesman for the French academy could not be reached by Agency France-Presse on Wednesday evening.