April 17, 2024


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The French Academy wants to take legal action to remove the notes in English

Nobody likes the new ID cardFrench Academy. On Wednesday, its permanent secretary, Helen Guerrero de Encos, indicated that the company was ready to go to administrative justice to remove the notes in English on the model of the card, which was launched on August 2. Figaro.

“For a long time, the academy listened to reports and press releases. Today all words are equal. Another kind of intervention is necessary,” the head of the guaranteeing company justified. Language in France.

Costex did not respond

By adding “family name” next to “name” or “given names” after “first name”, the Academy considers the model devised by the government to be unconstitutional, which is “Republic language French”. “We are undermining an essential policy,” said Hélène Carrère d’Encausse. “Who decided to keep the French andEnglish In this document? She asks herself.

In addition, if a European regulation forces the “identity card” to be translated into at least some other official language of the EU, this text will not provide other imposed translations. According to Le Figaro, The academy “therefore appointed a law firm” wrote a letter to Prime Minister Jean Costex saying “I request the repeal of the provision for the creation of a new national identity card”, to which no reply was forthcoming. So these lawyers are getting ready to capture the states.

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