May 26, 2024


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If you order in English, Google Meet will save the day with subtitles

Google Meat allows you to experiment on a large scale and translate while flying, in writing, what the speaker says in English. Ultimately, other languages ​​need to be supported.

If meetings with your foreign collaborators are a dream because they are conducted in English, your suffering will end soon – at least in Google Meet. In fact, the Internet company’s video conferencing service Began to use a new function Be able to catch what the speaker is saying in their language, then translate them and translate them into your language.

Clearly, Google Recovery has the appropriate tools to make it convenient, automatic, and real-time to understand your reporter. But for now, this is a moderate deployment: this option includes beta and only targets some qualified accounts (Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Enhancement).

English is the only source language managed

Various translations are still scarce. It is a question of English as the starting language and only four visiting languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Google says nothing about translation and transcription in the opposite direction, for example from French to English, or from French to German. Nothing in other languages.

However, as Google has turned this tool into a lever that allows video calling, we can count on a feature that expands over time and includes many more language combinations. To be global, more inclusive and efficient by eliminating language proficiency as a barrier to collaboration The only question is time.

Google Meet New Generation // Source: Google

In addition to staff, this feature is useful for many people beyond English: clients in other countries and students can benefit from distance learning courses. Foreigners can also benefit from this. There are many languages ​​that are little understood, which would greatly benefit from such a tool.

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Google has been working on this topic for some time. Meat is not the only service to benefit from its work: YouTube is an experimental field, For topics Or listen directly to what is being said on the screen or provide a transcription in English or even in the user’s language. And the improvement here may then benefit elsewhere.

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