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Immersion in Learning – The Urban Bible

Immersion in Learning – The Urban Bible

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EF Education published the results of its EF EPI (English Proficiency Index) study last week – the world’s largest English proficiency study – and ‘France has fallen two places to 34th compared to last year’s ranking. So she maintains the reputation of being a bad student in English. How to improve this score?

One of the solutions is: Study abroad Immerse yourself in Shakespeare’s language for a few weeks or a year to progress.

Learning English is difficult

The EF EPI Proficiency Index is the most comprehensive study classifying countries or regions based on adults’ English (testing possible from age 18). Released annually, the EF EPI is based on EF SET results, an online, adaptive English reading and listening test.

Out of 35 European countries that take the EF SET exam, France ranks 26the the square; So the question: “Why do the French struggle so much with English compared to their European neighbors? The reasons we find most are: lack of verbal skills in college and/or high school, hours spent focusing on grammar and irregular verbs instead of learning common and idiomatic expressions, lack of meetings and discussions with native English speakers. etc.

Children now learn English before and after; Future generations can therefore rise to the ‘average’ level defined by the EF EPI. But it should be remembered that in France, 26-40-year-olds get the best results in this test, 18-25-year-olds undergo imprisonment and limited English lessons (remotely or completely suppressed during the epidemic).

How to increase the level of English in France?

Let us understand the importance of English in our daily life, nowadays it is indispensable in work, cinema, travel, international relations etc. If you want an international career, you have no choice but to get a good command of English. As defined by the EF EPI, very good command of English will allow you to use nuanced and relevant concepts in social situations, read advanced-level texts with ease, and especially contract with native English speakers.

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If you want to improve your English, improve your career, and better socialize with English speakers, going abroad is the best way to discover yourself outside your home country and outside your comfort zone. For example, by going on a language trip, you take English lessons in the morning and use your afternoons to go sightseeing or participate in activities with people who are in a similar situation to you and come from all over the world.

This stay will allow you to develop your skills, but not only! You will develop your “soft skills” (interpersonal skills): self-confidence, passion, etc. Plus, you can use your CPF to dip for a few weeks!

When it comes to speaking English every day, why not take advantage of it and find the destination you’ve always wanted?

The Urban Bible

The Urban Bible

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