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In Algeria, English is forced on the march

In Algeria, English is forced on the march

Amid permanent tensions between Paris and Algiers, Moliere will be phased out in favor of English from the next academic year. Pan-Arab newspaper reports Asharq al-Awsad.

In a letter dated 1R July and addressed to all universities, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education asks the presidents to train “Academic Groups” And launch products “To adopt English as the medium of instruction”.

The aim is ambitious: to rapidly train 80% of university teachers so that they can deliver courses in Shakespeare’s language, particularly in fields such as medicine and science. Pan-Arab adds daily Al-Quds al-Arabi.

Overall, if the higher education union supports this new orientation of the Algerian government, it asks the government to provide the means necessary for its actual implementation.

“A most commendable effort”

One thing is for sure, Recognizes the French-speaking state daily Usage, Algeria is not a member of the international organization French speakerDespite efforts, French is used in all areas“Arabization” And “Reclaiming Arab-Muslim Identity” carried out since the independence of the country.

However, the stated purpose, Depending on the site Maghreb information, is “Strengthen the vision of the Algerian university and raise it in international rankings”.

“It is not a question of comparing this and that language”, Lloyd Jeghlami, professor of information and communication sciences at the University of Algiers, explains. “But we must admit today that the introduction of the English language within Algerian universities is a very commendable effort, especially biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, which are taught in English. That is why it is interesting for the country, for the Algerian student and teacher, to be in tune with world innovations.

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