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Near Ploërmel: left to teach English subjects differently

Near Ploërmel: left to teach English subjects differently

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Liceo (Morbihan) and Morgan Radajak, based on the book of Planet Logic Dis method, supported his English lessons. ©Le Ploërmelais.

She left‘National Education Training in a manner that allows him to teach today Liceo (Morbihan), English She could not take care of the students effectively within the institution.

Do not abandon students in difficulty

Many years later England, Morgan Radajak He returns to France and decides to teach. But in classes of 30 students, he notes, it’s difficult to be everywhere at once.

It quickly gives the feeling of being a nobody at the end, not for the boring fast learner or the struggling.

This creates a lot of frustration Interest in English language. “I don’t want to teach mediocre and give up on frustrated students,” he says.

In story form

So he looked for an alternative with Christine Overad, who developed a new method. Planet Logic Dys aimed at Children with “dis” disorders.

She meets her and it’s a revelation. “A door opened for me to want to continue teaching, but in a meaningful way,” explains the 28-year-old.

First, it forms, then settles Liceo Today she starts.

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This method works with a bookGrammatical rules are replaced by stories and characters. These are benchmarks for students and what is important is that these benchmarks will continue to guide them while they are in class.

This method is already proven because it is recognized and used Center for Medico-Psychology, University of Namur, Belgium. In France, no one has yet noticed this problem, but Morgan Radajak appreciates it to a very high degree because of the results obtained.

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Home or distance learning courses

His lessons are personal. She visits middle school students in their homes or by video.

It organizes intensive courses during school holidays to better cater to the needs of students and their parents.

It also caters to the needs of adults, whether they want to return to English for personal or professional reasons.

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