June 18, 2024


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In Aude, beware of scams for English bitumens

In Aude, “bitumens” of British descent promise low-cost land works. Non-standard works that fail at the first opportunity. Aude gendarmerie warned of this practice.

Be careful if you are planning to tar work at home, the scam of “English bitumens” has been raging for weeks. This launches the Aude gendarmerie alert, when several victims have been reported in the Norfolk sector.

English Bitumens Fraud ud83c udff4 ??????

-> Screw on Narbonnais
-> Campaign for individuals or communities
-> Put earthworks and tar at low cost
-> Non-standard bitumen

Do you have any information?
Feel free to contact 17 u260e ufe0f pic.twitter.com/AGCLQLYikz

– Gendarmerie de l’Aude (@ Gendarmerie_011) July 27, 2021

Work that lends a hand in bad weather

People of British descent come to their homes to do “low-cost earthenware and tarmac”, claiming there are bitumen remnants from the previous site. Problem: Gendermary describes the work being done as “poor quality.” Thus, bitumen threatens to yield “from the first bad weather”. This site was activated without an invoice or agreement stating, “Your legal right to withdraw cannot be exercised.”

Although this is a series of scams, it seems to be on the rise in recent times. To ensure workers’ credibility, draw up a quote, a contract, and ask them for a professional card. If you have canvassing or information, feel free to contact 17.

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