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In Bond-Audimar, school students learn English by singing

In Bond-Audimar, school students learn English by singing

Every Monday morning, these CM2 students from Louis Berkot School will benefit from a choral immersion in the language of Shakespeare, under the guidance of speaker Jason Darkay. (Awareness of Ont Bond-Adimer)

As a part of her Educational Success Plan At Louis Berkot and Helen Boucher schools, City of Bond-Adimer (Euro) In partnership with national education, activities are being developed to support the academic success of students. Thus, “Learning and Speaking English through Music”, implemented since last year, features animationWorkshops in English and choral singing practice around music.

Musician Jason Dark comes with the teachers

Every Monday, September 20th, Speaker Jason Dark, Bilingual musician-composer, certified voice and guitar teacher, comes with teachers, thus giving school students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Shakespeare’s language in a fun way. “At Louis Berkot School, the intervention takes place three hours a day at a rate of one hour per class, and is scheduled for two and a half hours a week for the Holy Grail”. Stephanie Junicas, Coordinator of the Urban Policy and Educational Success Program.

From January, CB students will strengthen their bases in English, and CM2 students will benefit from this activity throughout the year, thus preparing their entrance preparation for college, while for CE1, CE2 and CM1, this functionality will be proposed. More random way. “

At this “first” event of the current academic year at Bergot School, representatives from Mayor Brigitte Tutilloy and Christian Wozniak spoke about “sessions and moments that are open to the world”. Bonding with others, ”said Christian Wozniak, deputy director of city life. In the eyes of those involved in municipal life, an act that completes what has already been done is “education is an investment for the future.”

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