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Onrik – English is so awesome! : Mohammed defends the case

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Author’s presentation

Dip tongue are stories that children read and listen to that naturally progress from French to English.

Hello! Hello! My name is Mohammed. Today we started learning English with my teacher. For homework, she asked us to bring back 3 words each in English. Help! Where can I find them?

Valerie’s comment

In the last century, English was already an essential school subject. Nowadays, how to read and understand the language of Shakespeare is very important. Our daily lives, information, games, or interactions with friends in foreign languages ​​can be complicated if we do not master at least one common word.

Parents, if you want your children to learn your English from an early age (from the age of 6, but not without frustration until the age of 10/12), this new collection is a real nuance. Everything is thought out to make the effort less dramatic, thanks to the well-told short story and well-highlighted evidence.

Mohammed and his classmates have to find three English words. But duty seems impractical because they know nothing about it! Around us, their families help us to understand that many words have entered into our habits.

In addition to this dramatization (the vocabulary is not so difficult as we already know!), The text has a voice written in red. It is not necessary to follow the usual recommendations, which cannot be pronounced by everyone who is generally set up, but we have translated the pronunciation in such a way as to actually reproduce it. It stuck very well to the ear.

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For example, the word Tuesday (I.e. Tuesday) should be pronounced [ˈtuz.deɪ] According to the agreed rules. But the manual translates it as ‘Dusty’, which is very accessible and understandable!

In short, a good win that we want to deliver immediately around us. In addition, it can be linked to its site Cirros Or use an app to get the audio version.

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