April 21, 2024


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In English class, the French students send Kate a letter of support

In English class, the French students send Kate a letter of support

debt: Screenshot | TikTok | @monsieur_prof

Princess Kate's cancer video announcement shook the UK. This is evidenced by the fact that the students in Toulouse decided to send him a letter of support.

This is their teacher, well-known in social networks under a pseudonym “Mr. Professor”He shared a video of the work session with his class.

The purpose of this letter? The princess confirmed It's good And Support her from afar.

The video shows us the different stages of writing Try Students have to talk to the princess in their best way. “Dear Ms. Kate“,”Dear Princess Kate“,”Dear beautiful princess Kate“… During the lesson, polite expressions were poured into the teacher's proud gaze.

“You are a great princess”

Our hearts are broken. We are all with you at this difficult time We sincerely hope you get well soon. You are a great princess and most of all, a beautiful person“, in the final letter, visible at the end of the video, and can we read what the author left at the post office? Fly to England.

Don't forget to send a short note to college students, too King Charles III, suffering from cancer. On the record, they like “Further“A”Quick recovery“To His Majesty.

After this good attention, the class will get An answer, even a call In England? To be continued!

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