February 24, 2024


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Incidents in the State de France: Counter-attack by England fans

Incidents in the State de France: Counter-attack by England fans


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H. Buffony, V. Fifetto, L. Mass b. Mingot, M. Faran, r. Shilasi, b. Rovira, D. Chevalier – France 2

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After the chaos in the Champions League final, Liverpool supporters gave their testimonies. 5,000 of them answered the call to tell their story about the evening. They want to clash with the home minister who targeted them.

On Friday, June 3, a week after the events that disrupted the Champions League final, English supporters were outraged. The two of them were in the State de France and spent a dream Saturday, May 28th. “I thought a catastrophe was going to happen. It was really scary. We should not enjoy this in football. “Lewis testifies LovedLiverpool fan. According to Interior Minister Gerald Of DharmanFraudsters were prevented from entering the grounds.

The second supporter remembers that his real ticket was first flagged as fake by the machine at the entrance. “I scanned my son’s tickets and my ticket at least three times. Each time it was red. I’m starting to walk away, all of a sudden it’s turning green and we’re entering the field. “Says Tagus Herstot, Liverpool fan. Liverpool deny the fact that the British forced the gates. There are intrusions, but it is not possible to find English supporters in the videos. Both Liverpool and Real Madrid clubs have launched independent investigations.