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Inside the English mansion where Saltburn was filmed

Inside the English mansion where Saltburn was filmed

Saltburn: A tour of the manor

Old English houses are especially homely, and the cinema has not shied away from putting them in the spotlight. This is also the case with the recently released film salt burn, It tells the story of an ordinary-looking young man drawn into the decadent world of the aristocratic Cotton family. For the latter, screenwriter and director Emerald Fennell set out to find a home that would accommodate her filming. With interior designer Susie Davies, she found a 127-room private mansion in Northamptonshire that ticked all the boxes. (As part of the filming contract, no one involved in the production was allowed to reveal the house's name.)

We convinced the owners », says Suzy Davies about filming at home: ” Generally in National Trust properties [équivalent de notre classement au patrimoine] And English tradition, painting, moving pictures, enlarging or altering is prohibited. This family allowed us to do a lot of things around the house and gave us carte blanche. »

In general, it is very rare for filmmakers to find all aspects of a setting in one place. That is why this house played an important role “, explains Emerald Fennell, and” It is important that this structure has never been seen before, even in photographs. It should always feel like a real place.. »

Decorator Susie Davis used the home's existing square pool, but added a floating dock. The film is shot in the summer heat of 2022, which adds to its sultry atmosphere.

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The construction of this building started on 14the century, though the site dates from the 11the century The building has undergone several alterations, including one in the 18th century.e century that added an ornate baroque facade. Set in 2006, several rooms of the house were used in the film, as well as the square pool, chapel and gardens. The team added clipped hedges, contemporary works and sculptures and transported furniture bought at auction to London. Some of the artwork was found by artwork artists, but the film crew received permission to reproduce works by Ryan Moseley and Colin Harris, and artist Jason Lyne created portraits of the Kattan family that can be seen throughout the house.

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