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Is English a mixed or dominant language?

Is English a mixed or dominant language?

Lexicographer Danica Salazar helps create the famous Oxford English Dictionary (OED). He works specifically on foreign contributions to the English language, which is spoken by 1.75 billion people in the world, half of whom are not “native” speakers. In GuardianShe explains that “The dominance of English as the language of science, technology, business, diplomacy and entertainment has given many people around the world a strong incentive to acquire the language”. In return, they give him many words and expressions “To better express their identities, their cultures and their everyday realities”.

Unfortunately, Danica Salazar points that out “Many value purity of language over diversity and see outside influences as a threat to the integrity of a language”, when “Word borrowing is part of the natural evolution of all living languages”. English is especially known to absorb foreign elements easily. This phenomenon has increased with the acceleration of digital communication and the fact that most people are actually multilingual. So this must be put to an end “Linguistic biases that discriminate against those who do not use the ‘correct’ words or speak with the ‘wrong’ pronunciation”.

The New Yorker Devotes a long explanation Writer J.M. The relationship between Coetzee and the English language, because the Nobel Prize for Literature published this novel. El Polago in Spanish (although he originally wrote it in English). The plot tells the love story between Witold, a Polish pianist, and Beatrice, a Catalan music lover. They try to communicate in “universal English,” but this impersonal language does not allow them to fully express themselves.

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“I don’t like the way English is taking over the world”JM Coetzee said at the 2018 Hay Literary Festival in Cartagena, Colombia.

I don’t like how it overwrites the little languages ​​that get in its way. I don’t like its pretensions to universality, that is, the unquestioning belief that the world is as it appears in the mirror of the English language. I don’t like the arrogance this situation brings to its native speakers. So, I do my best to resist the supremacy of the English language.

Publishing in other languages ​​or importing new words can become weapons against linguistic imperialism.

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