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Is French still likely to remain a language in the EU?

Is French still likely to remain a language in the EU?

This is inevitable: English imposes itself Translation European Diplomacy, Politics and Economy. Political philosopher Luke von Midlar believes it would be good for the French to accept this and focus on developing other European languages ​​as directions of culture and connection.

Their meeting in Moscow is not over yet, and on February 7, a photo was already circulated. It shows a very long oval table, with both Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron sitting on one end, otherwise in the empty Kremlin room. No minister or adviser has been authorized to harass this Govt-proof tête–tête. However, two people were necessarily present: two translators. Not intended, but necessary. Because in Europe, diplomacy always involves translation.

During the ensuing press conference, the two Presidents spoke in their respective languages. Logic behind Putin holding four Russian flags. But can this be said of his host, who had two French flags and two European flags on his back and spoke in the name of France and Europe? Since his audience is European, shouldn’t Macron have spoken somewhat English?

Say goodbye to “Globish”

Although not so that evening, this kind of question arises. The material presses more and more. Shortly before the meeting in the Kremlin, French diplomats and British and American journalists clashed over the English translation of key words from an interview with Macron on Twitter. The Sunday newspaperFind out if he is going to give up or not.

While its leader was on his way to Moscow, a French minister accused him of “globish” at a multilingual conference. Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, in charge of tourism and phonographs, described this ordinary international English A language whose language we do not want to impose on us as the language of all “, Equipped with one “The worst vocabulary with 300 words”, And that “Leads to Poverty of Thought”.

This semester of the EU Council’s French Presidency, in addition to a key diplomatic role, gives Macron the opportunity to grasp an issue that other observers sometimes see as a minor contradiction: French Inside

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