May 20, 2024


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Play basketball and speak good English

Play basketball and speak good English

At Chateau-Renault, during the holidays, we play sports. Well … I do not. But it was a club I wanted to salute. All clubs, moreover, volunteer to organize courses and activities for children and youth during the holidays. Yes: Because all of these volunteers, instead of taking it easy, spend their time for our kids, no matter what sport: from badminton to football, via judo or hockey. But what we are looking for today is in Chateau-Renault.

Why? Because, during the Easter holidays, the gymnasium and the basketball CRA welcomed 22 players between the ages of 8 and 15 to a very special basketball camp: it was actually held in English. And for good reason: only two American players and coaches came to Durain. An opportunity for young basket enthusiasts. Yes: America is the reference when we play basketball. So the youth were able to progress at the speed of light in their sports practice. But (which is my favorite), because the coaches are American, the advice and instructions were given in American English. This is wonderful because they are not satisfied with speaking English and children and young people are able to give meaning to what they are taught throughout the year. Simply put, they were able to find out if the school serves a purpose. Also, we know that you will never learn a language better than you do. A little and sporty amazement but Ch குழந்தteau-Renault’s best experience for these kids. Congratulations to the club and everyone involved for making this camp possible.