May 21, 2024


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“Welcome in Magnoac”… Learning English by immersion in the Hautes-Pyrénées is possible!

“Welcome in Magnoac”… Learning English by immersion in the Hautes-Pyrénées is possible!

Language immersion accommodations are offered in the Hautes-Pyrénées. Mette Phillips is one of the welcoming people in her horticultural garden in Montastruc, Haute-Pyrenees.

Welcome to Magnoac. English is the language to learn, but in France. While it may seem obvious that the best way is to learn a language thoroughly, it's not always easy to go abroad or let your child.

To overcome this problem and combine linguistic immersion and geographical proximity, the Nacelle organization offers language stays with host families in Occitanie.

Mette Phillips, a multilingual and very energetic Dane, stays in what he calls his “little paradise”, the Maison et Jardin Talino in Montastruc.

In this one hectare cultivated and ecologically rich area, the stay can be transformed into a moment to learn gardening or enjoy nature.

Two hours of lessons in the morning

The stay includes two hours of language lessons in the morning. They are customized and modified according to needs and demands.
The rest are everyday activities like cooking, gardening or shopping. “A real family and cultural life” according to Mette. “When we do an activity, we focus less on the language, so it's more difficult to learn,” says Miriam Vetrin, head of the Host Family Network.

He says that “a caring environment encourages self-expression” with a scholarly outlook on Mette.

It is an enriching experience and allows gatherings for family members as well. Mette's 14-year-old son, Edward, appreciates the other kids coming, “I like it because it makes friends to play with,” he says.

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Mette enjoys seeing people welcome progress. She likes to welcome and build relationships. “Most people come back year after year, and it's very rewarding,” he says.

Open to people with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities can also access these accommodations. Mette encourages and strives to “create an environment of trust”. “If we're not comfortable, it's a barrier to expressing ourselves,” she adds.
Drowning is not reserved for just one segment of the population. Mette already welcomes people with autism spectrum disorder who do not require special care.

She defends this content with great passion, “We must not retreat, we must try, discover and organize. »