May 21, 2024


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“Stop the migrant boats!”  An Englishman who declares that

“Stop the migrant boats!” An Englishman who declares that

Or “Stop the boats!” Both his first and last name are Anglo-Saxon, right?

If he is a second-generation immigrant (his parents came from India half a century ago), his wife, on the other hand, is purely Indian. Born in India and not in Sussex, but it is true that she has a lot of money. Billionaire in polite language. So, John Brown, oops!, Rishi Sunak, is getting ready to deport thousands of Rwandan immigrants after signing a deal with this small Central African country, Paul Kagame, who is fine with Pan-Africanism. These illegal immigrants would be herded into camps funded by the British government, not knowing what would happen to them after the appearance of deportation. “The first charter flights Already ready to take off!” Rishi Sunak announced the victory during a press conference.

The UN openly condemned the matter, but as everyone knows__ and Israel's genocidal war in the Gaza Strip confirmed it__, this organization should be called ONO (Organization of Western Nations).

By the way, for those worried about geography, Rwanda is not less than 5,000 (five thousand) kilometers from: Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Mali, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria; Like Gambia…and, no laughing matter!, India. In other words, these exiled immigrants would be even more distant from their own land than from England. And then where? In Rwanda, a country torn by civil war between Hutus and Tutsis. Paul Kagame and his government seem to have learned nothing from the genocide that followed! It is true that for many African leaders, the pound sterling, the euro and the dollar have no smell or color.

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That's how the world goes…