May 30, 2024


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Penne-d'Agenais.  “USA Day” for “English in Cycle 3”

Penne-d'Agenais. “USA Day” for “English in Cycle 3”

Damira Asperti College welcomed 3 CM classes from Auradou, Penne d'agenais and Trémons schools, who shared the day with 55 students in 6°4 and 6° 5, for the “English in cycle 3” project. Ireland celebrated last year; This year it's America's turn. From students to adults, white tops, blue jeans and bandanas are common. 8 teams – Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, California, Louisiana – participated in 4 workshops on Culture, Song, Sports and Dance. The workshops were led by class teachers and modern language education consultant Joanna Fontanet and foreign language consultant Elizabeth Cini. The usual menu (coleslaw – burger and chips – Sunday), followed by a festive lunch break, in the recreation room, a group of musicians “Bunk Public” worked in the morning dancing and singing. Everyone had a chance to sing and dance to high-quality music: eventually everyone met outside the recreation room to share a snack provided by the college, always American (brownies), before leaving.

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