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Is there a word in French that doesn't have an English translation?

Is there a word in French that doesn't have an English translation?

All languages ​​have specific expressions that cannot be translated into another language. In French, we don't find many words that cannot be directly translated. Knowing that our language is the language of pleasure and happiness, there are many words that do not even have equivalent words, especially in English. You should know that in France, we have one of the languages ​​with the most words in the world, so unlike the English language, we have expressions that are really only ours. It is also very interesting to know these French words that are not in English. It allows you to understand all the richness of the French language.

Here are some French words Those without a direct English translation:

But this list is not exhaustive, because there are many French words Without literal English translation like “yogurt” or “voila” and many other words.

There are more English words French has no equivalent, and makes translations between the two languages ​​more difficult:

In other words, every language is unique and has its own specialties!

It is difficult to accurately determine the total number of words in a given language because new words are constantly being created and others may fall into disuse. Also, the number of words in a language depends on how we define what (…)

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