July 14, 2024


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Italian style for the English

Italian style for the English

Faced with the anguish of an Italian creation once again, the British did the work of finding a smile after their setback in Scotland.

Before the meeting, to be completely honest, there was hope of seeing the semblance of an intimate meeting. On the one hand, the English were disappointed in Scotland, and on the other hand the Italians were able to compete after their encouraging performance in Paris. It is clear that Italian supporters can not wait long. The first minutes of the match – unfortunately for the Italians – proved the (very) big difference between England and Italy today. Although the start of the match was very consistent, XV de la Rose sowed the first bandarila by Marcus Smith. When the English engine started, the waves broke during the first act of a completely submerged Italian defense like Federico Mori. The UBB player had a very tough afternoon, and he made a particular mistake on this first attempt for the XV de la Rose. Until the break, the English lead did eight jobs twice without forcing hooker Jamie George to send him behind the line. Twenty-one points ahead on the way back to the locker room … this Sunday afternoon turned out to be a pleasant ride for Eddie Jones’ supporters.

The second act of frustration

Despite this improved success, which was obtained at the beginning of the second act after Elliott Daly’s attempt, not everything was perfect for the English. This idea from us is negative, but it is clear that XV of the Rose did not make enough copy in the second act. The English, realizing their superiority, were satisfied with the management. Management who inevitably made some mistakes. Lasting more than twenty minutes, the match fell into a rhythm that must have worried more than one British supporter that he was expecting a match over the length of his country. The last try of XV de la Rose scored by Kyle Sincler could not be seen until the last part of the game. From this half-hearted afternoon, only Marcus Smith maintained a stratified level during the entire meeting. The British flyhound once again showed its prowess by knocking down six opposing defenders on the lawn of the Studio Olympico. The herd England T-shirt seems to have discovered its wear for many years.

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Italy hit the bottom (again)

The weeks follow each other and are the same for Italians. Again, Kieran Crowley’s players do not even have the shoulders to compete against this XV of the Rose. These encounters, both technically and physically very limited, seem to be the long way to the cross for those who have suffered the 99th defeat in their history in competition. Again, the opening half proves somewhat of his team’s position. Unlike Smith, Pavlo Karpici drowned this Sunday afternoon. The Montpellier player appeared helpless behind the front eight as he largely dominated. This Italian creation is sometimes painful, but the most difficult thing is that no one has seen the progress of these transalpines.