August 8, 2022


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An English winner at the Open de Bretagne

The BLOT Open de Bretagne was held this weekend in Pléneuf-Val-André. And the Englishman Alfie Plant won.

BLOT Brittany Open He kept his promise. During this competition for the Challenge Tour (European D2), many golfers competed for the title, near Pléneuf-Val-André. Finally, the Englishman won the Alfie Plant title, his second in the region after the Open de Provence.

“This victory should move me forward”

The Englishman believes this victory is good for the future. “This win should move me forward and enter the top 20 of the Provisional Challenge Tour. I take it when matches come, it worked for me today ” He confirmed in the columns Western France. Now ranked 13th in the standings, the 29-year-old has not moved for 4 days throughout the tournament. The London native has been admiring French territory for 2 years. “This is my second win in France. I have already won the Challenge Tour at the Open de Provence. This is a good country, and I’m not far from home. “

McGee and Virto complete the stage

As for the other platforms, Irish Ruitri McKee completed the second step, specifically reaching 2 commas. “After a successful start to the week, I changed for the better and for the worse. But in this difficult course, where the wind often blows, it was hard to get a score Said at the end of the match. So Spaniard Borja Virto finished 3rd and finished the stage. Since Ugo Coussaud is ranked 6th, no Frenchman can finish above 5th. This ranking, however, allows him to retain his place in the top 20 of this challenging tour, which opens up the possibility of forming on the DPWolrd Tour next season.

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