July 21, 2024


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It’s language week in Trèbes: English, German, Spanish

It’s language week in Trèbes: English, German, Spanish

The 2024 edition of Language Week is part of the movement of the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

Language Week aims to highlight languages ​​and linguistic diversity. This is a strong time to encourage the practice of modern languages ​​and their development.

At Gaston-Bonheur College, all sixth graders participated in an escape game in English, German and Spanish.

The theme is “The important thing is to communicate!” It aims at the active and civic engagement of all students especially to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games, their values, their history, their identities, thus searching for the Olympic rings hidden in the fourth box.

In groups of four, the task was to find the codes to unlock these.

Escape Game is a puzzle game played as a group. Players had to solve a series of puzzles within a time limit to successfully complete their mission.

You have to find the mystery word representing the values ​​of Olympism and Paralympics through logical, visual and mathematical puzzles. For the last task, they had to find four different colors and costumes…all constructed by their language teachers.

This move made it possible to underline the importance of modern languages ​​in educating citizens: contributing to the knowledge of other people’s culture and one’s own culture.

The 2024 theme provided an opportunity to implement programs united by the values ​​of linguistic diversity, exchange of values, international openness, commitment and exchange, the Olympics and Paralympics.