April 20, 2024


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In the Avoron Valley, where there are no Dutch or English, we consider returning French vacationers.

Good weather returns, after last rainy weekend, the sun will take over and the temperature will be slightly lower, 24 to 26 for the next few days. In Valleys of Averon, To Saint-Antonin-Noble-Wall, Is easily taken by those coming for the first holiday of this May.

“We have been locked up for months and wanted to change our borders. We took the caravan and left“This retiree from Sarde smiles. He and his wife settled quietly with the water in this camp.”We went Strings, In small villages of BastidesYesterday we were in Montaban.

“We take the time, we’re fine” – delights this couple from Nantes who were looking for the sun and medieval castles.

“We wanted a change of nature” The nurse from Savoy left for a motor home with her partner. “We will try tomorrow for a boat ride on the Avron, I picked up my paddle, but I think the freshness of the water will stop me. We are happy because there is sun!

Village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Wall France Radio France
Oliver LeBron

Thanks for the bookings for the vaccine

These French Holidaymakers are interested in the outdoors and the countryside, and they will be flocking to the majestic valley of the Avron Valley this summer. Tourism experts, who experienced a season of turmoil in Goa last year, are optimistic, even as uncertainty persists.

Philip Cassette, boss Gorges de l’Aveyron Campite Saint-Antonin-Noble-Wall is preparing for it.

Averon Valley Camp at St. Anthony's-Noble-Wall (82).
Averon Valley Camp at St. Anthony’s-Noble-Wall (82). France Radio France
Oliver LeBron

“We started again fifteen days ago. The Pentecost weekend worked well. We fill the pool. Finally all teams are ready to welcome customers.

Philip Cassette did not hide the fact that the situation was still uncertain. “It was like last year, it’s different, we do not know. We have weeks when a lot of calls come in, others are very quiet. I think. ‘ Most associated with the vaccine. There, we had a lot of calls, I think some vaccinated people will come in June, after that, let’s see.

To rebuild his cash flow damaged by the Govt, the camp site boss did not give up. The children’s play area has been renovated and two new mobile homes have been installed. “We’ve invested a lot to get it started again.” Says Philip Gazette, who is optimistic.

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Dutch and English were blocked by the Govt protocol

“Here in Saint-Antonin, we have the Averon River, so we have a lot of people coming to Canoe. To attract French tourists, the director of the camp site promises.

Rowd Duckmans, director of the DISC real estate company in St. Anthony, confirms that the Dutch and the English will lose the call because of the Govt protocol. “With Govt, there are a lot of restrictions. You have to be in isolation. France is always classified as yellow / orange, So complicated. For Englishmen, through Brexit, for a certain age, they can not stay more than five weeks, and for younger Englishmen, they can only stay for 90 days, the tourist visa for them is over. Fortunately, the French are coming to St. Anthony too! “

Still, the Dutch represented 30% of the customers of the Gorges de l’Aveyron camp, 90% of the customers of another camp in the valley run by a Dutch woman.

Uncertainty of summer camps and group outings

The first canoes are in Averon, but Fred Ferretto dActy EX Wives Whoever rents kayaks, paddles and mountain bikes and arranges natural activities with guides is in a state of complete uncertainty.

Canoes enter the shores of Avoron
Canoes enter the shores of Avoron France Radio France
Oliver LeBron

“Outdoor activities, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, orienteering, this group of shelters have all been canceled or could not be done due to health conditions.” “It’s a big doubt, even for the teams, we do not know whether to hire or not,” he said. We don’t know when we can really get started, Which is a little complicated. “

A resting place is expected to use six staff members, including four driving guides, to be responsible for loading tourists into the van at Avoron. Last season there were only 10 to 15 days of tourist or summer camps, usually 150 to 200.

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Restaurant terraces are full

On the other hand, the terraces of St. Anthony’s restaurants are already full. This is the case Babbitt’s Feast On the other side of the bridge is the Avron area.

'S terrace
“Festin de Babette” terrace faces the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Wall France Radio France
Oliver LeBron

“All we need is the sun, but it’s a good start.” – Assures radiation host – “We’re getting ready for the season with a good team. We had a lot of people last year, and this year it will be the same. We do not know if the borders will open immediately. If people stay in France a little more summer. Yes, we expect some.”