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Yvelines.  Julie has devised a new method to teach English to children

Yvelines. Julie has devised a new method to teach English to children

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Julie Gall is part of the 5th season of support for female entrepreneurs Ile-de-France. He has developed an innovative English system for children. (©Manon Varaldo)

Julie Cal A smile on the face. Orange Launched the 5th season of its women entrepreneurship support program 12 women were detained in Ile-de-France.

Until November, orange supports 100 Women Entrepreneurs In all regions of metropolitan France and abroad.

“It was launched following an observation by Fabian Dulac (Managing Director of Change at Orange): there were few applications from women for start-ups. It decided to help them and launch this project in 2018,” testifies Frédéric Havard, director of innovative projects at the Paris Ile-de-France.

97 applications for Ile-de-France

97 applications were received for Ile-de-France.

We pre-checked the files sent. I am very focused on writing. To decide between them, two criteria are important: Start-ups are not in similar activities to avoid head-on competition. Also, I like start-ups to have different levels of maturity, with disparities in age and professional experience, to have a team that can help each other. They bring a lot to each other. There is good harmony.

Frederick Havard, Director of Innovative Projects Paris Ile-de-France responsible for women entrepreneurs for 5 years.

He is satisfied with this 5e the seasonBecause “One of the difficulties of seasons is expanding the geographical area of ​​start-ups, because many Paris and in Hauts-de-Seine. It is a satisfaction to have four girls from Val de Marne And this year two from Yvelines. »

A change

Julie Call is part of this device. He is the author of an innovative and progressive English system for children aged 5 to 15 years. years.

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“I started as a travel agent, then a team leader. I was on the phone all day and my accent developed. A colleague asked me why I didn’t become an English teacher. At 30 I resumed my studies, living in Voisins-le-Bretonneux for 5 believes years. »

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And to continue.

“I was a part-time English teacher in high school and elementary school. It’s mostly the same games that are offered in class, and that’s not enough. I decided to start on my own and create a game for kids. »

Learn English while having fun

Palakit box is a English method Bringing together games, coloring and sound immersion to discover the English-speaking world. This new interactive and progressive method is targeted For children aged 5 to 15 yearsEnglish is not required.

“The Balakit box was tested in primary school. It is used in almost a hundred families today,” underlines Julie Call, who keeps in touch with the students by giving English lessons at home.

Meeting with Julie Cal

Julie Call will lead a one-hour English workshop and present the Palakit Box on Saturday 8 July at the Pau du Canal Bookshop (26 Place Etienne Marcel in Halle Sud Canal, Montigny-le-Bretonneux).
Appointments are made at 4 p.m.
The cost of this workshop is 5 euros. Reservations required*.
Until July 10, the Balakid box is priced at €24.90 instead of €29.90 and is on sale at Canal Bookstore.

* [email protected]

Its first Balakid box lets kids discover the city of London at 7 in days. “Boys especially appreciate the seek-and-find game, the big colorful page with different districts of London and the sound effects. Kids pick up on the noise a lot. It’s immersion through the game.”

My experience in France or England has allowed me to see that children need to change activities and that it is important to make them work through play, I want to wake up children and create unity with the family.

Julie Call,Balakit is the creator of Box and a participant in the 5th season of Orange’s Women Entrepreneur Support Program.

Julie Call plans to build two new boxes for elementary and middle school students at the start of the school year in September.

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Support women entrepreneurs

These women entrepreneurs benefit Personal training Problems starting with the Guide Network in Orange. But two Collaborative workshops per month.

“Every conference entertains me and immerses me in the world of technology and innovation. It allows us to stay one step ahead of tomorrow’s world,” enthuses Julie Call.

Our fears can slow us down as deadlines sometimes stretch. However, from the beginning of the program, I was less afraid. I gained confidence.

Julie Call,Retained by Orange Women Entrepreneurship Support Organization.

Apart from helping to boost their business, this orange device won the hearts of these women.

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