May 22, 2024


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Job Opportunity French to English Translator – Telecommuting (00)

“Gelt” means “Celt” in Breton. Our ambition is to combine Celtic and Breton history with modern maneuvers and innovative games.
The studio has been campaigning for better recognition of the work of everyone involved in video game development.
A screenwriter, a painter, a musician and even a translator are above all artists, not simple cogs that can be replaced at will.
So the studio has made a bold choice: teacher status for everyone.
Most of the revenue from the sale of visual novels is shared among the co-authors, with rights considerably higher than those found in the publishing industry.
Likewise, this translates into greater creative freedom for everyone.

Project view

“Anon”, which means “the dead” but also means “the world beyond” in Breton, is the studio’s first project.
Strongly rooted in Breton culture and history, Annan’s plot takes the player through several time periods, from the conquest of Armorica by the Romans to the revolt of the Chouans.
Instead of the classic haunted house clich├ęs and ghost stories that have been seen and retold hundreds of times, Anon’s plot mixes horror and intimacy, poses questions of conscience and switches between fleeting happy and sad events.
The visual novel is 15-20 hours long and has five distinct endings. The game will be released in French and English and will be marketed via Steam and

Development Status: Playable “proto-version” completed.

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