August 12, 2022


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Kellys back in Beyhive teasing over 'Milkshake' distortion removal: 'Nobody cried'

Kellys back in Beyhive teasing over ‘Milkshake’ distortion removal: ‘Nobody cried’

Even though her song is no longer part of Beyonce‘s Renaissance album Kilis I still have more things to say about it. after bye interpolation removal From Kelis’ signature 2003 song “Milkshake” from “Heated” after Kelis public complaints That the battle was not properly attributed to her.

But on Wednesday (August 3), after Kelly posted a series of snaps of her new look to her Instagram with the message “Born in the summer heat. I’m my own validation. To all my beautiful AUGUSTANS, good morning,” after a string of Self-care emojis, things went wrong again.

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While Beyoncé removed the interpolation without any comment this week, it seems like BeyHive had a lot to say, with Yonce fans diving into comments on Kelis’ post telling the singer how they feel about the dust. “Tweet embed Now back to the ghetto, go! Bey grabbed that sample, now you won’t get any checks. Now keep the queens out of the house, Moov! I read a hot answer, while another commented, “You’re a happy girl? Now you are irrelevant again. “

The unkind words prompted one commentator to point out that Beyoncé’s followers are “depressed and sad,” prompting a very sharp response from Kellys: “They’re a joke.” When someone else called loyal Bey fans “utterly insane” and said, “I’ve never seen people put so much effort into someone they haven’t met or known personally,” Kellys replied, “I wrote a cult all over it.”

The insults included one from a commentator who called Kellys a “crying baby,” and wondering if she was happy now that the offending “la la la la” part had been removed, Kellys replied, “Yes I actually do. Lol no one cried.”

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When a commenter misquoted her age – they claimed she was 57, when in fact she was 42 on August 21 – Kelis said, “Lol if I’m 57, I look cool and it must be.” Stupid I’m more interested in why I look so amazing rather than a miserable sheep lol.” No one held his tongue, Kelis – who also responded with kind words to fans who praised her – wrote, “Lol yeah, I said what had to be said. #iwin, after BeyHiver said that “Beyoncé made it.” boycott you. No more drama.”

There has been a lot of controversy about Renaissance The track and controversy that erupted after the album was dropped last week featured interpolation. The “Milkshake” part was recorded in liner notes to Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes production team, who are credited with the writers and producers of the original Kelis album track.

Although Kelis is only credited as the vocalist on that song, she posed for her former collaborator in a series of Instagram videos in which she said, “The truth is, my real flesh isn’t just with Beyoncé because, at the end of the day, I sampled… The record, and you copied me before. I’ve done this before, as well as many other artists. It’s okay, I don’t care about that.”

Mostly, Kelis seemed to be angry that Bay, or her team, hadn’t reached out to give her his opinion on interpolation, especially since “We met each other, we know each other, we have mutual friends. It’s not hard. She can connect, right?” The real one was directed at Williams and Hugo, who she has repeatedly claimed to have “stealed” publishing on the tracks they worked on together early in her career.

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And this wasn’t the first time Kelis had called up her former collaborators, who produced her 1999 debut kaleidoscope and 2003 Wonderland, which contains “milkshakes”. Kelis said to Watchman In 2020 she is not making any money from her debut or Wonderland.

Talking to painting The next day RenaissanceIn its release, the copyright expert said that Kellys has no legal standing because she is not credited as a songwriter on the track, which means that she will not be a co-owner of the copyright, and therefore will have the right to approve or reject its use on the eBay track.

“To file a copyright claim, you must own the copyright,” said Joseph Fishman, a professor at Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville and a national expert in music law. painting. “If Kelis does not have copyright to the song, she has no right to claim.”

Spokespersons for Kellys, Beyoncé, and Williams did not respond to multiple requests from painting To comment on the controversy.

Check out Kelis’ post below.

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