May 30, 2024


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Re.  6 Nations England-Wales: England win after suspenseful end of game!  Recall the meeting

Re. 6 Nations England-Wales: England win after suspenseful end of game! Recall the meeting

The British continued their momentum. Before the last World Cup in France (September 8-October 28), they saw spectators and supporters in distress, and finally won the bronze medal in the minor final (26-23) against Argentina.

During this 2024 6 Nations tournament, Charles III's subjects are looking for definitions and confirmations. This Saturday, February 10, they welcome Wales (Day 2) to reunite with a Twickenham crowd still marked by recent defeats against France (53-10) and Fiji (30-22).

England 16 – 14 Wales

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End of match and win for XV de la Rose!

A painful 14 to 16 win for England. Suspenseful win against a mighty Wales team! The British can still reach the Grand Slam.

79' Very strong English defence!

After the throw-in, Wales are 45 meters from the goal line, the English defense is incredible and they push the Welsh back!

75' Last chance for Wales.

The League XV regain possession after a scratched ball and they find a touch on the 50m line.

73' The English are in control

This second period is completely dominated by XV de la Rose. They got ahead on the scoreboard, so they should manage more, but they weren't safe from a drop or a penalty.

72' Penalty converted!

George Ford is unfazed by a yellow card penalty and allows England to take the lead!

71' Video referee

Possible yellow card for Welshman Grady. He gets it and Wales finish the match at 14 to 15.

70' Lord of the wind!

George Ford invented an amazing 50/22 and XV gives de la Rose a great testing opportunity.

67' The British are dominating the match

Wales is no more. Physically, it's complex and it shows. They never left their camp again. The British effort gave them a blow on the head.

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63' England try!!!

The English forwards chase the Welsh defence, then George Ford knocks his number 12 over Dingwall! Ford won't change.

59' Twickenham trust Remontada

Swing low, sweet chariot sounds!

55' What a counterattack from the League XV, which misses an irresistible attempt!

Winnett takes the ball on his wing and beats the English defense on goal, heading for the in-goal, but the England defense catches him at the last minute!

50' Wales reply!

After 10 minutes of English dominance, Wales and Lloyd struck a candle to his number 15, who was alone on the left side of the field but the ball slipped from his hands.

47' Offside, and a penalty to the locals

10 meters out and in the center of the posts, George Ford converts the penalty to reduce the score. Over 6 points for League XV!

43' A great test opportunity for England!

In the Welsh 22m, the English play and find space, but the action doesn't generate anything.

41' The English must come back

A first kick from George Ford, who lands in the Welsh camp, forward, scrum to the Rose XV, and a penalty on the continuation of the action!

40' Welsh in the lead at the break!

More realistically, they took a 5-14 lead at Twickenham against a listless English side.

38' Test GalloisSS

Alex Mann in the third row completed a great joint drive. Two inside returns and a great fixation, Welsh makes it happen. Lloyd converted, 5-14!

37' is useful at higher altitudes

Unlike the French in Scotland this afternoon, the Welsh are comfortable with high balls and have ammunition to recover. They have initiative, but struggle to tolerate risk.

35' low time

Mistakes are losing momentum in this meeting which has been buzzing for a few minutes.

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32' What a defensive line

An English curtain-raiser was duly converted and the Welsh were unable to break through for two minutes. Without pace, the League XV cannot make any difference.

29' The English are back at 15!

28' Too many mistakes

The Welsh feed on English mistakes. Especially high balls received poorly.

25' balanced debates

This humble attitude got the Welsh team back into the game after a somewhat delicate start. They are able to keep the English under pressure with their good possession.

24' is a minor error

A single handed mistake destroys this attack. Defensive scrum to play for the English.

23' Sessom's return

The British are 14 years old! They really need it as they are 5m from the Welsh line.

20' Test III English

At 15 against 13, XV De La Rose are effective in winning and Sam Underhill is tearing through the defense and leveling the floor! Ford moved towards his change and he was countered by Welsh! 5-7

19' is the answer

Great pressure is put on the Welsh rear guard by the English, who get a scrum at 5m.

17' double penalty!

Roots is let off with a yellow card, England will play with 13!


The ball, taken from Wales, was deliberately dropped by the English. Mr. Tolman scores a penalty try to make it 0-7!

16' Attack selection

When we mentioned it, the Welsh wanted to take advantage of their numerical superiority and opted for a penalty!

14' card remains yellow!

13 'Enjoy it

Although they suffered greatly in this first quarter of an hour, the Welsh found themselves in numerical superiority. A chance to get back into contention.

12' yellow card against Sesham

A yellow card against the second row that could turn red. The result comes to the requested bunker.

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12' Mr. Dolman is called by the TMO

An English player is suspected of making contact with the head.

9' under pressure

Wales are stymied by the English who stop the kicking game in front of their goal.

6' The English are dangerous

Very well placed defensively, they take advantage of spaces left by the Welsh out wide. As of now they cannot accomplish that.

5' Already a second penalty against the Englishman

4' Welsh breath

A good scratch allows them to get some air.

2' Launch with fanfare!

What a start from English! It all started with Stewart's breakthrough in the middle of the field. Good security and behind a beautiful line. Ford throws a slightly longer leg pass.

1' Let's go to Twickenham!

5:42 pm New Zealand player James Tolman whistles!

5:38 PM Twickenham Temple ready

Both teams field!

5:33pm Welsh in crisis

A confederation struggling, League XV lost in Cardiff last week (26-27), after leading 0-27. A good reaction at the end of the match that we should have relied on from the start against the English.

5:30 pm Labor triumphs in Rome

Earlier in the tournament, Steve Borthwick's men secured a valuable win in Italy. Painfully won (24-27).

5:25 PM British in recapture

Although marked by historic defeats against France during the last tournament (10-53), and against the Fijians last August (22-30), the English find their visitors eager to ride on their good World Cup (3rd).

5:15 pm Good evening everyone!

Welcome to this live stream where you can follow the second day of the Six Nations match between England and Wales.