May 30, 2024


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Leaving to learn English in Honolulu, a French woman almost finds herself on the street

A 22-year-old French woman in Honolulu, the capital of the US state of Hawaii, has spent 18,000 euros studying English. But there, her stay turned out to be a dream, and she almost ended up on the street.

From heaven to hell, there is sometimes only one step. This is what 22-year-old Léa Catay from Montauban discovered. The latter spent 18,000 euros to learn English on a prestigious project in Honolulu, according to the newspaper. La Dipche du Midi. But there, things quickly turned sour.

When Leah chooses Education First (EF) for her language study tour, it’s especially for the excellent reputation of this language travel system. Determined to improve her English, the 22-year-old wants the best and is willing to pay for it. In total, she spent 18,000 euros for nine months with a family who lived within 40 minutes of her school, half boarding half the week and full board on the weekends. An expensive but promising project. None of this is true, except that it is there.

Slanderous living conditions

The first disappointment occurs when Leah arrives in her family. She finds a dirty house in which she has to share a bed and finally have a mattress on the floor. He shares his cockroach-filled bathroom with four tenants and eats only bread and instant noodles. The 22-year-old complained to EF, but it was said to be a cultural issue. Finally, the student discovered that it was 2h30 during his school traffic jam.

Due to persuasion, Leah manages to join another family, where living conditions are a little better, even though she still has to pay for food. The only problem is that her new editors say they can only keep her until the end of December. He is finally offered a place in a university apartment, which does not confirm his record. She does not come to the street just because her host keeps her for more than a day. With the support of his family who bombed EF through recorded letters, emails and phone calls, the student hired a lawyer to defend his rights. She may even be joined by some comrades who have lived in similar situations with her, one of whom has been sexually abused by her guest.

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