April 20, 2024


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Lecture in English class for high school students

Lecture in English class for high school students

Students studying English Language, Foreign Literature and Culture (LLCE) at Saint-Jean de Lector High School went on a study tour to London. Every day, after an “English breakfast” at the hotel, cultural visits helped us appreciate the art, architecture, history, atmosphere of the capital of the United Kingdom, but also to see the works already read or to be read in class. Soon. The group couldn't resist the call of the inevitable, clich├ęd places in London, but they also went to the top of the Sky Garden, which offers a panoramic view of the city. Even if they never met the British Prime Minister, they will remember the debates they attended in Parliament. The results were positive: thanks to the financial support of the Association of Parents of Free Education (Apel), they were able to explore the city and meet other cultures. Next, St-Joseph's Middle School students will visit not only London but also the Harry Potter studios next September. The establishment's “open house” will be held on Saturday March 16. Info

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