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Live summary of the eighth day finals

Live summary of the eighth day finals

2022 World Aquatics Championships

It’s time for the final round of the 2022 FINA World Swimming Championships. Day 8 of the race is upon us and will see the last 7 finals of this meeting. We’ll start with the men’s 50 backstroke and the women’s 50 breaststroke, followed by the men’s 1500 freestyle. Then the sprint race begins again with the women’s 50 freestyle final. The tournament’s last singles event is the women’s 400 IM and then we’ll wrap up the meet with a pair of 4 x 100 medley relays.

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50 backstrokes and 50 breaststroke world record holders will start us like this Hunter Armstrong And the Bendita pilato Take to their own enemy events. In the backstroke, Armstrong is the No. 2 seed heading into the final against his teammate Justin Reese But 100 backstrokes Thomas will be And the Apostolos Christo The Americans would be surrounded and fight for a place on the podium. At 50 breasts, 2012 Olympic champion Rota Milutite He will be looking for a chance to take the podium again this week after taking bronze at Breast 50. Former world record holder Lily King He falls out of the pool in this event, having swam 30.35 during the semi-finals.

We’ll see familiar faces in the men’s 1500 freestyle, including Olympic medalists Bobby FinkAnd the Mikhailo RomanchukAnd the Florian Willbrook. Bobby Fink He might get his second gold medal in the meet, but the field is sure to be ready for his signature strategy to beat his opponents in the last 50 metres.

As for the fiftieth freestyle, we’ll see if the top seed Cassia Wasek She could claim a medal for Poland here after swimming 24.11 during the semi-finals. Sarah SjstromAnd the Tori HuskyAnd the Zhang YufeiAnd the Erica BrownAnd the Julie Kip JensenAnd the Anna HopkinAnd the Meg Harris They all swam between 24.15 and 24.86 during the second round of the race, which means it’s likely to be a race close.

Katie Grimes And the Macintosh summer They had a great pool race in the middle of the pool in the women’s 400 IM final. Grimes and McIntosh raced through the prelims and finished by less than a second, making them the two favorites to reach the Top 2 tonight. But Katinka Hoszo, one of the 400 most accomplished IMers in history, wouldn’t put up a fight. She hasn’t been at her best in recent years, but it will be interesting to see if swimming at home can give her the boost she needs to get to the podium.

Yui Ohashi She is already scheduled to win 13th in the 200m earlier this week, but it is unclear if she will be able to win the gold medal here as she did in Tokyo. Keep an eye out for her, along with China Ge Chutong and the United States of America Emma Wayant. Then we’ll wrap up the session with the men’s and women’s 4×100 medley relay as the USA and Australia enter as the top seed. Follow here to get all the live results and analysis you’ll need.

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50 wallpaper for men – final

  • world record: 23.71, Hunter Armstrong (USA) – US Trials 2022
  • Championship record: 24.04, Liam Tankock (Britain) – 2009 World Championship
  • 2019 World Champion: Zayn Waddell (South African Republic), 24.43
  1. Justin Reese (USA) – 24.12.2019
  2. Hunter Armstrong (USA) – 24.14
  3. Ksori Msiuk (Poland) – 24.49.49
  4. Thomas will be (ITA) – 24.51
  5. Apostolos Christo (Greece) / Robert Glenta (ROU) – 24.57
  6. Ole Braunschweig (Germany) – 24.66
  7. Isaac Alan Cooper (Australia) – 24.76

After winning the world title with a score of 24.12 and making his way into the interview area, it was announced Justin Reese He was disqualified from the 50 men’s backstroke final. He set one of the fastest times in history but was then eliminated Hunter Armstrong Hero.

Armstrong’s time of 24.14 was enough to win the event, but it was a little slower than his world record and best of his life of 23.71 from the World Champion’s World Trials in the US for 2022. Armstrong was faster here than in the semi-final swimming by just 0.02 seconds, having passed He scored 24.16 in the second round.

Poland’s Kswaery Masiuk was third, but looking at DQ, he’d take the silver here with a swim of 24.49. Maciek was shy of his Polish record in the event of 24.48 from earlier in this meet. Join him on the platform Thomas will be Italy, which scored 24.51 for the bronze medal. This is Armstrong’s second singles medal and he will be in the meet as this duo has claimed bronze and gold, respectively in 100 times.

Apostolos Christo Robert Glenta tied each other for fourth here, swimming 24.57 each and German Ol Braunschweig 24.66 to finish seventh. In total, Australian Isaac Alan Cooper won with a time of 24.76 seconds.

Modernization: Justin ReeseDQ was flipped and is now world champion, Armstrong moved to silver and Masiuk to bronze.

Women’s Fifty Chest Line – Final

  • world record: 29.30, Bendita pilato (ITA) – European Championship 2021
  • Tournament record: 29.40, Lily King (USA) – 2017
  • World Champion 2019: Lily King (USA) – 29.81
  1. Rota Milutite (LTU) – 29.70.0000
  2. Bendita pilato (ITA) – 29.80
  3. Lara van Niekerk (RSA) – 20.90
  4. Qianting Tang (CHN) – 30.21
  5. Anna Elendt (Germany) – 30.22
  6. Eneli Jefimova (EST) – 30.25
  7. Lily King (USA) – 30.40
  8. Jennifer Alves de Conceicao (Brazil) – 30.45.2009

Nearly 10 years after winning her first world title in 2013, Lithuania Rota Milutite He claimed a 50 breaststroke win at the 2022 World Championships. Milutit outstripped her court swimming with 29.70 to slightly improve on her semi-final swim of 29.97 but fell short of her life best and national record of 29.48 from 2013.

This is Milutit’s first long-track world title in the event with Julia Efimova taking silver back in 2013. Milutit won a bronze earlier this week in the women’s 100 breaststroke, marking her first major international medal since her comeback to sports in the past. general.

Came in 0.10 seconds after Melotet’s winning time was the world record holder Bendita pilato with 29.80. Pilato broke the world record in the event at the 2021 European Championships with 29.30 but was late for that time here, swimming half a second slower.

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African record holder Lara van Niekerk She was the only other woman to break 30 seconds here and put in 29.90 for bronze. She broke the African record earlier this year with 29.72 but she still has enough here to take the podium. This is the first medal ever won by a swimmer from an African country in the meet.

Qianting Tang came fourth with a score of 30.21 and was followed by the only US entrant in the event Lily King swam 30.22 for day 5.

Men’s 1500 Freestyle – Final

  • World record: Sun Yang – 14: 31.02 (2012)
  • Tournament record: Sun Yang – 14: 34.14 (2011)
  • 2021 Olympic Champion: Bobby Fink – 14: 39.65
  • World Champion 2019: Florian Willbrook (Germany)-14:36.54
  1. Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)-14:32.80
  2. Bobby Fink (US)-14:36.70
  3. Florian Willbrook (Germany)-14:36.94
  4. Lucas Martin (Germany) – 14: 40.89
  5. Mikhailo Romanchuk (UK)-14:40.98
  6. Guilherme Costa (Brazil)-14:48.53
  7. Daniel Jervis (Britain) – 14:48.86
  8. Damien Joly (France) – 15:09.15

For the majority of this race, it looked like we were going to see our first ever 15:30 1500 freestyle sub-race Gregorio Paltrinieri I swam the middle part of the body length race ahead of the world record pace. Paltrinieri dominated the field and made sure to put as much space as possible between himself and the closest experts Bobby Fink.

While Sun Yang’s world record of 14:31.02 broke Paltrinieri at the end of the race, Paltrinieri still had the race of his life and threw the second fastest time in history of 14:32.80. That time was enough to break the European record in this event as well as the championship record. He broke his Italian and European record of 14:33.10 times in 2020 at the Sette Colli Trophy.

The tournament record in this event previously stood at 14:34.14, which was established by Sun Yang in 2011.

Bobby Fink He didn’t outsmart Paltrinieri here, but he still swam hard, beating Connor Jaeger’s American record in the event of 14:39.48 from the 2016 Olympics. Fink beat his personal best of 14:39.65 when he won the Olympic gold in Tokyo.

The bronze medal went to Germany Florian Willbrook, world champion, who swam 14:36.94. That time was above the 14:36.54 he swam back in 2019 to win this event. Lucas Martins and Mikhailo Romanchuk She was outside the podium, clocking 14:40.89 and 14:40.98, respectively for fourth and fifth.

Women’s 50th Freedom Style – Final

  • world record: 23.67, Sarah Sjstrom (Sweden) – World Championship 2017
  • Tournament record: 23.67, Sarah Sjstrom (Sweden) – 2017
  • 2021 Olympic Champion: Emma McKeon (Australia), 23.81
  • World Champion 2019: Simone Manuel (USA), May 24, 2020
  1. Sarah Sjstrom (Sweden) – 23.98
  2. Cassia Wasek (POL) – 24.18
  3. Meg Harris (Australia) / Erica Brown (USA) – 24.38
  4. Zhang Yufei (CHN) – 24.57
  5. Tori Husky (USA) – 24.64
  6. Anna Hopkin (Britain) – 24.71
  7. Julie Kip Jensen (Den) – 24.96

Sarah Sjstrom He has a knack for winning. She just got her second gold in this meet and her 10th gold at the world championships. Sjostrom was the only woman to dive under 24 seconds and won the event with 23.98. This swim ties in with her 17th fastest performance in the event ever as she also swam 23.98 in the Swedish Championships in 2014.

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This is Sjostrom’s third singles medal in the meet after 50 gold flies and 100 silver freestyles. She finished after her world record of 23.67 from the 2017 World Championships.

Cassia Wasek She came in with 24.18 to win the silver, trailing her own Polish record of 24.11 earlier this week. Wasek is the second Polish swimmer to win a medal during this session, as her compatriot Ksawiri Macyuk won the bronze medal in the 50 backstroke at the top of the session.

come in third place, Meg Harris Australia and Erica Brown of the United States both scored 24.38 to claim the bronze medal. Zhang Yufei He was out of the podium with a score of 24.57 and . Tori Husky From the United States finished fifth.

Women’s IM 400 – Final

  1. Macintosh summer (Canada) – 4: 32.04
  2. Katie Grimes (US) – 4: 32.67
  3. Emma Wayant (US) – 4: 36.00
  4. Katinka Hoszo (Hun) – 4: 37.89
  5. Yui Ohashi (Japan) – 4: 37.99
  6. Ge Chutong (CHN) – 4: 38.37
  7. Gina Forrester (Australia) – 4: 42.39
  8. Ajha Tanigawa (Japan) – 4: 44.28

Macintosh summer And the Katie Grimes He knocked it out from the start, splitting 59.94 and 1:00.22 respectively on the butterfly’s leg. Mackintosh manages to get a bit ahead on his back and legs, recording a split of 3:29.85 300 to 3:31.78 by the Grimes.

in the last cent, Katie Grimes He threw a monster closing split of 1:00.89 compared to McIntosh’s 1:02.19. This means that the Macintosh held the lead and came out victorious with a score of 4:32.04 while Grimes scored 4:32.67.

This McIntosh swim is a new junior world record for the event, improving on her previous mark of 4:34.86 from the Canadian Trials in 2022. McIntosh swam at 4:29.12 earlier in the year but this swim was not certified.

Olympic medalist in this event Emma Wayant She swam her way to bronze with 4:36.00, while the 2016 world record holder and Olympic champion Katinka Hoszo He finished fourth with 4:37.89. Tokyo Olympics 2020 champion Yui Ohashi He was also out of the podium here with 4:37.99 for fifth.

Men’s 4 x 100 Medley Relay – Final

  • World Record: 3: 26.78, USA (2021)
  • World Champion Record: 3: 27.28, USA (2009)
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion: USA – 3:26.78
  • 2019 World Champion: Great Britain – 3: 28.10
  1. Italy – 3: 27.51
  2. USA – 3: 27.79
  3. Great Britain – 3: 31.31
  4. Australia – 3: 31.81
  5. France – 3: 32.37
  6. Germany – 3: 32.63
  7. Austria – 3:32.80
  8. China – 3:34.62

Women’s Relay 4 x 100 Medley – Brilliance

  • World Record: 3: 50.40, USA (2019)
  • World Champion Record: 3:50.40, USA (2019)
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion: Australia – 3: 51.60
  • World Champion 2019: USA – 3: 50.40