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London: When gambling promotes English-French bilingualism

London: When gambling promotes English-French bilingualism

Faced with the success of the online learning system designed by its English number Basaba, the end of 2020 naturally saw daylight. Pasaba Online now offers a bilingual curriculum suitable for French-speaking students and their students. English speaking comrades.

If the director of the institution intends to change his teaching method with the British curriculum for almost four years, the program will become even more solid in 2018, and his company already welcomes students from ten countries. Is different. “I wanted to share a learning technique with as many families as possible around the world,” the director explains. My first desire is to support children across borders. ”

Recruitment teams then look for qualified teachers to teach in English. Today, only professionals with a state diploma pass on their knowledge to Pasaba online students. “The quality is an essential guarantee,” says the director, who is bilingual himself, as is the entire teaching staff.

Bilingual education for all

The school promises to integrate the organization’s pioneering bilingual program, “Children do not know how to speak English and French properly”. However students do level tests – in Molier language for French speakers, in Shakespeare language for French speakers – to determine in which class they can continue their learning. Lessons offered on a half-hour basis between English and French are accessible from kindergarten. Complete training for students in difficulty after two hours of support per week.

In addition, for children who are not fluent in English, Pasaba now offers an integration program. It is conveniently designed to integrate a child into a British school, allowing school teachers to follow eight hours of English lessons a year and a week provided by specialized teachers. “This schedule is based on the practice of speaking and vocabulary learning, in which students respond to the need to fully immerse themselves in immersing themselves in the English language,” confirms the director of the institution.

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Play at the heart of learning

Reverse class mode, Widely developed by Basaba Online, which is the cornerstone of the Basaba Online Teaching Approach. “Teachers regularly send video clips to students and then they do small actions in the form of games. Each student can exchange ideas with a reporter from another country at will,” the teaching team explains.

To get the phonetic distinction very easily, the image cards are distributed to the students and then they have to combine the corresponding words with the correct ones.

Bilingual school distance
For this game, available in English and French, the teacher draws a country card and a nickname card. The designated student must then use this pronoun to create a nationality that matches the country being drawn. The original way of combining general knowledge and grammar.

Dedicated media are available for all companies

With its own educational materials, the institution wants to share its knowledge with everyone. It now proposes to place its support in the service of schools that support face-to-face teaching.

Bilingual school distance
The books are designed to make students practice in a fun way.

“Bilingual education changes cognitive processes from an early age. Students are more attentive and will get poor results in the performance of administrative tasks. Related to sports, the combined learning of English and French allows students to learn while having fun, ”the director concludes.

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