July 14, 2024


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The British warship was attacked by a flying man

The British warship was attacked by a flying man

Gravity boss Richard Browning trained with the British Army to appreciate the qualities of his flying suit.

New spectacular demonstration from the force of gravity. The British company behind “Jet Suite” has released a video in which its boss, Richard Browning, conducts exercises with the Royal Navy and the British Navy. He spent three days aboard the HMS Tamar to show how useful his flying suit was during docking operations.

Usually, landings are by men via a speed boat, otherwise, carried out by plane in a helicopter. According to Richard Browning, a former Navy volunteer, these methods are “slow and vulnerable.” “The jet suite can provide very quick access to any part of the ship, instantly freeing the hands to carry a weapon and maintaining the ability to move towards the target,” he urgently explains in a statement. In the video posted on YouTube, he can be seen unloading a ladder with the ship and chopping off the HMS lotus before aiming the gun, that too in seconds. Gravity claims that his flying case is a “revolution” in the tactical operations of special forces and not just for docking.

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Last October, Richard Browning had shown that his case could be used for his dangerous recovery In distant places.

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