June 18, 2024


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Does France want to expel English in favor of French in European companies?

What if English was discontinued as the main language of European companies and expelled by the French? The British newspaper says this would be the ambition of French diplomacy anyway Telegraph. France intends to use its mandate to improve its language from January to June 2022 as the revolving president of the European Council.

According to a diplomat who was interviewed Politics, France invests an “exceptional budget and educational resources” Increase the number of French subjects For officials coming from Europe. French diplomats told both media outlets Important group meetings will be conducted in French, With reviews in French.

Letters European Commission Those who come in English will not get an answer: they must be written in French.
Since English has been used as a working language for many years, it remains to be seen whether the application will really prevail. France counts specifically Proxy, Who left Malta and Ireland are the only countries in the Union to use English as their main language, Be French weight.

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