June 18, 2024


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Sola shares a part of a song in English [Vidéo] AP RAPRNB

On the Instagram live show, Sola released a short excerpt from a song she produced in English, generating many reactions …

Sola Loves America, does not hide it. Its chaps, its visuals (photos, clips …), an influence felt not only in its advertising but also in its music. The “Most of the French rappers are AmericansAnnounced on the show a few months ago Click It is: “Already when I came back from the US, I had a lot of trouble rapping in French. In fact, I was in the studio, the words they came out with in English, very chuck, very chuck.”Was a line that created buzz on social networks, and internet users laughed out loud. And then they are not alone Pupa Was Instagram shared part of the story, Title Writing: “Ohla must stop him, he will hurt himself !!! This is their Americanized yyy. Do they have followers ???“Critics who did not touch Sola.

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Pooja gives a layer about Sola …

Sola teases a song in English

In fact, MacDo 91 shared the twenty-second scene of an episode he wrote and performed in English during an Instagram live. A short enough section to add Sola to the best course on Twitter, but it was not unanimous. Now the question is, do you want to know if this is a simple spell in the studio, or a translator? Chicken Brothers Push the cursor further by releasing the title on streaming sites. As a reminder, the 21-year-old artist’s latest album, Survival, Born November 20, 2020 with guests Summer And SCH. It crossed 24,233 sales in the first week before getting the gold certificate within 2 months of its release …

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