June 18, 2024


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Ua Pou switches to English time

During Language Week, students from the UAE immersed themselves in English. Around one theme: “The Courage of Languages, for the Citizens of Tomorrow”, they were able to participate in many fun workshops.

A Ua Pou, In the Marquesas Islands, Language Week ends this Friday, May 21st. This was the theme of the year “We will give language courage to tomorrow’s citizens.”

An English rally was organized inside Ua Pou College with 3 students in cycle including 6th and 5th class of primary school.

The students were divided into teams of four students, i.e. ten teams met in about 20 workshops.

Each group follows a map so it can move from one workshop to another on its own. These workshops offer a fun way to immerse students in Anglo-Saxon culture.

“They work around the English language and the culture of the English-speaking world […] We have worked with English-speaking world celebrities, monuments, especially in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. ” To explain Mary Dehdeva, English teacher at Ua Pou College.

Each workshop was conducted by CAP 1 and 2 students from the PAH section. A great way to learn the language of Shakespeare.

Watch the interview with Mary DehdevaInterview with Lionel Tehmona, English teacher at Ua Pou College:

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