April 18, 2024


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English cricket matches canceled in Pakistan due to security World News

The Cricket Council of England and Wales (ECB) last week canceled a hot tour of Pakistan for its men’s and women’s teams following New Zealand’s security concerns.

Each of the teams is scheduled to play two T20 internationals in Rawalpindi on October 13-14, while the women’s team is scheduled to stay in more international matches from October 17-21.

The ECB said it was “truly sorry” for the “reluctant” decision and that “members understand that this decision will be a great disappointment to the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).”

The historic tour, the first by the England women’s team and the first by its male counterparts since 2005, has been called into question by security fears.

New Zealand cricket comes three days after their limited-eyed men abandoned the Pakistan tour, claiming they had been warned of an attack outside the Rawalpindi Stadium.

The historic tour would have been the first tour for the England women’s team

The ECB said: “The mental and physical well-being of our veterans and support staff is our number one priority in the times in which we now live.

“We know there are growing concerns about traveling to the area, and we hope that moving forward will add more pressure to a team of players who have already faced long-term difficulties. We operate in controlled coveted environments.”

Rameez Raja, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), took to Twitter to express his disappointment.

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He wrote: ‘Disappointment in England, withdrawal from their engagement and failure of members of their cricket fraternity when they are most needed.

Survive, we insha Allah. The call for Pakistan to become the best team in the world is for teams to line up to play without looking for excuses. “

The PCB is confident in their security arrangements and believe that the country is committed to hosting international cricket even if New Zealand leave in a hurry.

The ECP acknowledged that the news was not well received – especially in the bubble environments controlled by the groups that helped save the UK’s summer of 2020, when the corona virus was at its peak.

“We understand that this decision will be a great disappointment to the PCB, which has worked tirelessly to welcome the return of international cricket to their country,” we read.

“Their support for English and Welsh cricket over the past two summers is the biggest event of friendship. We sincerely apologize for the impact it has had on cricket in Pakistan and continue to emphasize our commitment to our major tourism projects for 2022.