June 17, 2024


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Megan Markle (again) was attacked by her worst enemy, English host Pierce Morgan!

Megan Markle once again drew the wrath of the famous English TV presenter: Pierce Morgan! Here we tell all the details …

The war between Megan Markle and Pierce Morgan was officially declared ! Yes, the English host is one of the Duchess’ fierce opponents today. This little screen star has been criticizing the behavior of Prince Harry’s wife for years. According to him, Megan Markle has a completely disrespectful attitude towards the royal family.

But after the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey it is clear that things have completely slipped away! The day after the interview, on his show Good morning UK, Pierce Morgan harshly criticized Megan Marklen’s comments. According to him, the Duchess simply lied!

Pierce Morgan is at war with Megan Markle

Prince Harry’s wife immediately complained to the PresidentITV, The television station where Pierce Morgan works. The latter must apologize to her. But as for the editor, his words are unacceptable! Pierce Morgan left his show. A real thunderstorm across the channel. For good reason, the presenter was an icon of English television and was for many years …

But if Megan Markle I thought I had finally found peace, which was all wrong. Magazine The sun Pierce Morgan recently revealed his comments! The latter went to Scorsdale Tavern in Kensington, west London. It was in this bubble that the host first met the former American actress..

Is Pierce Morgan ready for revenge?

Passing by this famous puppet, Pierce Morgan sent a short message to his worst enemy: ” I have to thank Megan. When we were drinking now, five years ago, I met her here. ”Now he’s got a job on the team again News agencyThe host seems to be well prepared for revenge:

I think she sat down to celebrate my departure from Good Morning Britain, so this move would be the subject of her dreams.

Yes, if Pierce Morgan is forced to resign his show, let’s not forget that it was actually Megan Markle … for this reason, the English host did not want to release it!