July 23, 2024


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The meeting between the French and English defense ministers was canceled

The meeting between the French and English defense ministers was canceled

The cancellation comes amid a diplomatic crisis following a new partnership between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

A meeting between French Minister of Forces Florence Barley and his British envoy Ben Wallace in London this week was canceled at the request of Paris, the AFP learned from a source in the French ministry on Sunday.

The “French meeting scheduled for this week in London (…) will not be canceled”, This source said.

The decision comes amid a crisis between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, with China announcing on Wednesday a strategic alliance to confront the AUKUS, including the delivery of US nuclear-powered submarines to Canberra. Out of game.

France signed a $ 90 billion (56 56 billion) deal in 2016 to supply 12 submarines with diesel propulsion to Australia, largely due to its size and its strategic purpose, qualifying as the “Century Agreement”.

In London, a source in the Defense Ministry said he could not deny or confirm the cancellation. At these meetings the United Kingdom is in conversation with its French counterpart. We continue to have a close and fruitful security relationship with France, which is a trusted ally. “, She clarified.

Peter Ricketts, former UK National Security Adviser, The Guardian promised This was the meeting “Postponed to later date”.

The submarine issue caused an unprecedented diplomatic earthquake between France and its three other allies. Jean-Yves Le Trian, President of French Diplomacy, met on Saturday “Severe Crisis”, Condemnation a “Lying (…), a double (…), a major breach of trust” And one “Contempt” From these three countries in connection with Paris.

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He scratched Britain directly, thinking it unnecessary to remember his ambassador to London as he had been in Washington and Canberra. “We know their perpetual opportunism.”He was stunned a few months after Brexit. “Like the fifth wheel of the Great Britain coach in this matter”.