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LV1 English ELVi 2023 – Meaning Analysis

LV1 English ELVi 2023 – Meaning Analysis

Analysis of English ELVi 2023 LV1 (LVA) test, the most important test of BCE 2023 competition! In fact, it accounts for many schools with more or less high coefficients. With the reform, the test has received a facelift. See what the candidates look like!

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Consult the test’s detailed coefficients to see which schools it counts for!

LV1 (LVA) English ELVi 2023 Lesson Analysis

Comparative Executive Summary

According to the authors of Papers 1 and 2, what is Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy?

For this first question, it is necessary to confirm it Keep a comparative perspective Throughout the argument. That means you should always talk about two documents in each of your paragraphs. You can Contrary to their argumentsOne Point out their similarities. Of course, we must not forget that the question is about the theme of inheritance, so we must be careful not to go off topic.

The document is from Issue 1 AtlanticSo than Left. Even the New York Times LeftAlthough more Center That Atlantic. It is therefore not surprising to find that the two documents sometimes make similar arguments. The Document 1 is very informative that Handbook 2It takes more pages and Most critical of the monarchy.

So your summary should create that impression Although Rani is symbolic and reflects the unity of the country’s identity, although it corresponds to an idealization. History’s InvisibilityAs monarchy is also a symbol of colonialism (the example of Cyprus is mentioned in document 2). Comparing the first two documents, the legacy left behind by the queen is ambiguous and twofold: on the one hand, she is a strong symbol, and on the other hand, she represents centuries of imperialism.

So your paragraphs can be basic Following are the topics :

  • Identity
  • British unity
  • Symbolism
  • story
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • The idea of ​​social hierarchy
  • Commonwealth
  • etc

Argumentative Essay

In your opinion, can the British monarchy survive the current challenges to its existence or not?

This test question allowed you to gather your knowledge Contemporary concept of monarchy. Since it’s future-oriented (there’s a “will” in the question), there’s no need to talk about the story in your development.

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There was a very important thing Define the terms of the subject in your introduction : In order not to argue “in the air”, it is really necessary to list the challenges in question. These challenges are partially raised in the file’s documentation:

  • Monarchy refers to history The colonizer’s viewThis renders the gaze of colonialism invisible (Document 2).
  • there The new generation is not in favor of the monarchy (Document 4).
  • And people are supportive Republic (Document 5) and this phenomenon is gaining momentum in social networks
  • etc

You can too Add your own ideas And note that the monarchy was exemplary in its origins scandals (Think of the example of Meghan and Harry during their interview with Oprah Winfrey). The cost Monarchy is a frequently raised point discussed in your article.

After defining these various challenges, it is necessary to develop possible ways for the monarchy to address them. So you can Suggest ways to make it less primitive, and highlight already considered solutions. For example, Charles is a great athlete Environmental protectionIn the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations (in this regard, I refer you to his speech to celebrate on March 8, 2021. Commonwealth Day “). It was also possible Compare the British monarchy with other similar systems : For example, because the Queen is not placed on a pedestal, the Danish monarchy does not face the same criticism as the British monarchy. In other words, it is not unusual to see the royal family on bicycles during the day without any bodyguards, which encourages their closeness with their subjects and reinforces the favorable opinion of the monarchy in Denmark.


Text to be translated

Walking the joyous streets of London on the day of the Queen’s coronation in 1953, sociologists Michael Young and Edward Shills called the event “a great act of national unity”. It took on its full meaning, they wrote, “not an individual but a collective experience,” bringing together thousands of families in a popular euphoria reminiscent of the celebration of victory over Nazi Germany. The air trembled with human warmth; Even pickpockets ceased to work, and a spirit of fraternity reigned which would have horrified “the rationally inclined of the educated people of our day, especially those of a radical or liberal political disposition.”

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Today, as inequality continues to grow in England, the monarchy seems to have retained its popularity. Almost two in three Britons acknowledge its existence. Only 22% of them want it to disappear, the most hostile to Scotland.

Astounding paradox: When times get tough, the royal family serves as a distraction or comfort. At royal weddings over the past ten years, there has always been an observer who has declared that the nation’s morale needs a boost.


Survey: Up and down speed, survey

Cheers: With pleasure

Federal: Even one

A cheer: Excitement, Excitement, Excitement

Reminder: To be reminded

The wind shook: filled with air

Human warmth: Human warmth

Reign (figurative sense): prevailing

Position (Policy): (political) orientation

Studied: Educated

Visitor: standing

Pick-me-up required: should be corrected

Don’t stop: Put + Eng


The greatest danger of this passage was of course Use of tenses. First paragraph BossThen the rest of the juice is at Here. However, some Balance Sheets Established and A Past tense of the past It can even be recognized at the end of the first paragraph: it is equivalent to the French pluperfect: “The pickpockets have stopped working”. So it’s important to master these different times and know how to juggle between them.

Additionally, the specific passage that mentions pickpockets can be tricky Proposals. ” should not be translated asPickpockets have stopped working” (incorrect interpretation: “they stopped with the intention of working”) but “Work stopped.”

In addition to the temporality of the passage, it is necessary to pay attention to the second time. items workers. For example, you don’t need “Tea“Sociologists Michael Young and Edward Shils” should be translated because the generic name “sociologists” is added to the proper name of the persons designated. In the same fashion, it is necessary Retain the specified object while it exists. For example, “even pickpockets have stopped working”, the article ” Tea » is necessary because it is precisely «pickpockets», indicated in the article «les» in French.

It was also necessary to keep Canonical order of English sentences In mind and therefore there was a need to focus syntax. For example, “wrowte they” is a French subject-verb inversion, which should be translated as “”. They wrote English respects subject-verb order.

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As for the order of words, it is important to pay attention to what is possible Syntax breaks Some sentences were too long. To make sure your sentence makes sense, it can be clever Always use relative pronouns (“A popular cheer reminiscent of the celebration of victory over Nazi Germany,” as translated, ” was Not mandatory but strongly recommended for reasons of clarity: ” A popular cheer reminiscent of the celebration of victory over Nazi Germany “).

One last syntactical nuance: “The spirit of brotherhood reigned” cannot be translated by the verb. to rule In English, at the risk of sounding idiomatic. Therefore it is necessary to reclassify this verb as an adjective for example, translating thus: ” A sense of brotherhood prevailed »

Translation proposal

Sociologists Michael Young and Edward Shills, who studied the jubilant London streets at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, called the event “a great act of national unity”. It made sense, they wrote, as “not an individual but a collective experience” that brought thousands of families together in a popular euphoria reminiscent of the celebration of victory over Nazi Germany. The air was filled with human warmth; Even the pickpockets stopped working, and a spirit of fraternity prevailed that “terrified the rationalists of the educated people of our time, especially those of radical or liberal political orientation.”

Today, as inequality continues to grow in the United Kingdom, the monarchy seems to have retained its popularity. Almost two-thirds of Britons recognize its existence. Only 22% want it to go away, with Scots most hostile.

It’s a strange paradox that when times get tough, the royal family is a distraction or a comfort. At royal weddings over the past decade, there has always been one observer who says the nation’s morals need an overhaul.

You can find the title here.

Good luck for this LV1 (LVA) ELVi English test! You can find all the news of BCE 2023 competition Concours BCE 2023 in our indoor area.