June 18, 2024


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M Pogora is proud that his son Isaiah speaks French and English!

M Pokora Christina is lucky to be able to build her family with Million. Their son Isaiah is also completely bilingual.

One French parent, another American. In short, this is not always easy. However, Isaiah, son of M. Pokora, Seems to do Bilingual speaker. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Is Isaiah already bilingual?

For many years M Bokora has already left France. Thus, the well-known singer on Popstar has remade his life With a famous American singer.

Remember the real name of Matthew Totta The M6 ​​was revealed on Telecroset, Beautiful beauty sang her famous song When you see me.

Since then, the two have come a long way, Both are popular stars in their respective countries. Christina Million meanwhile has even managed to become an actress.

Then the French and the Americans ended up together To consolidate their love. Here they have been in a relationship for many years on the other side of the Atlantic.

If Matt Bogora’s girlfriend had a daughter – V – before him, he would be the one to expand his family. Brought him two wonderful sons.

Two sons, who speak only English, give the truth That they live on the American continent. Well, no, think again!

In fact, interviewed We are both, Revealed about the singer The language spoken by his son Isaiah. Judgment? Two!

In fact, Kenna’s father, the youngest of the siblings, revealed itIsaiah was already fluent in both languages Of his parents.

Thus, he could understand French and English, from his young age. Pieces and pieces, of course, Gave his very young age.

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So the boy is taking a bath Like fish in water With these two languages. Although he still mixes French and English …

Yes, He who likes is not completely bilingual! Especially at such a young age. Finally, any bilingual child confuses the words of the language he or she has mastered.

M. Pogora: His son Isaiah mixes English and French in one sentence

So said M Pogora We are both That His son “He speaks both languages. In the same sentence, mix the words […] », He teaches us.

“He understands and acts on both languages ​​correctly, The father continues. “Actually, having two cultures is a child’s dream”, He is proud.

“It simply came to our notice then. Both of my sons will benefit History of Europe and the American Spirit. It is rich ”, Finished without the slightest pride.

Thus, Isaiah will continue to be like Kenna Travel between France and the United States, With their parents and their older sister, Violet, the first daughter of Christina Million.

“I think so I saw a good balance between the two countries, M Pokora also said this. I spend half of my time in each of the four years.

Still, this is no small matter. “But frankly, to me, The house will always be FrenchHowever, he says.